Thursday, May 21, 2015

It was just so clear

We serve and love so much here. I love it. Sister Groberg is awesome and so sensitive to the spirit.

Hello! It feels like it's been three months since I last wrote a weekly email! This week has been crazy busy and full of hard work. I love it! The ward here is awesome. Much much bigger than the branch. And we get fed every night! It's so awesome to be with all the members. It's easier to get fat, but we work out more so hopefully it's not too bad! Haha I love this area already though! The families here are incredible AND we are teaching a couple families! We also get to serve so much. Everywhere here is so green too. It's beautiful!
However, the bugs are BACK! So, therefore, I'm back on bug vitamins and I ate my last banana today. It's all good though, it's getting nice and warm here.

Goodness transfers was a crazy day, as always. I was exhausted by the time we got home. Not too much to say except I love it here.

Wow, we wake up at 6 to workout each morning. We go running and then just do little workouts and then run some more. Let me tell ya, I am SO Out of shape. It's bad. Anyway, we had a really good day meeting awesome people and planning. It was really cool to pray about the splits we need to go on this cycle with our sisters because after setting them up and then praying about them, we both felt that we should change a few things and add an extra one with one companionship. It was just so clear.

We had a Skype call with the APs in the morning and it was good. It's pretty cool how we can use technology. It was just to go over all the responsibilities and what not.
I got to meet the Cutest family ever! They will be the perfect Mormon family one day. It's adorable. They have 3 little boys. We also met this potential investigator and she invited us to go on a hike with her next week and share a message there. She is super awesome and has a little girl and she wants to know more. It's going to be awesome working with her.
So something cool, There is this investigator named Khem and her sister was in the hospital and getting ready to transfer to Another hospital. So she called us and asked if we could go to the hospital and pray with her. So we were on our way and then we decided to call the elders so that they could give her a blessing. So we did. Our district leader didn't answer. The elders that we serve with in our ward couldn't come. Then the Zone leaders didn't answer. So we were going to just go pray with them. But then we decided to call the Portuguese elders who speak Spanish too and they were like "ya we can be there in 10 minutes and we can stay for 10 minutes" so they came. Turns out khems whole family was there and they spoke Spanish and one of the elders had the phone number for the missionaries (not in our mission) where the sister was getting transfered to so that she could get another blessing later if needed. Coincidence? I think not!
We also teach an 18 year old girl who is super awesome and wants to get baptized. She isn't quite ready and she is moving like next week but she is progressing SO much. She comes to church and reads the BoM and keeps all her commitments. She's awesome. Her name is Chelsea.
After meeting with Chelsea there were these two little girls, 10 and 11, outside and so we started talking to them and ended up getting them prayer rocks so they didn't forget to pray, they were the cutest. Their names are Ariannie and Ashley.

So we were suppose to go to the soccer game of a little boy in the cute family we teach but it was raining so it got cancelled. Then we did service allllll day pretty much. Everything kept getting cancelled and it just felt right to stay and help this woman. Her husband is in the hospital and they do SO much for the ward I guess. She needs a ton of help right now but she gets to overwhelmed to let a lot of people help so we just stayed. Plus the bishop and like 7 members all asked us to visit her to help. So it was good just to be there, uplift her and serve her. Her name is sister George.
At night we went to buy asparagus for a less active to give her on Sunday (she loves it) and we decided to buy a coconut for some weird reason. But when we were picking which one to get we decided to ask this lady who was walking by. We ended up talking to her for like 15 minutes and teaching her. It was awesome. She then invited us over so she could teach us how to make a coconut dessert that she loves. So we will be doing that next week too! People here are so much nicer than NY haha but I still love New Yorkers :)

We Fasted for Chelsea on Sunday to overcome her addictions and to feel Gods love and it was amazing. Everything just fell into place after that. Before church we decided to bring brownies in case we found someone we could give them too. We didn't know who though.
That night we went to dinner and found out that the husband was less active. We ended up staying longer than planned because her husband got home at the end and it felt right. So after we left we decided to go bring brownies to a less active. We called him but he didn't answer and the only way to get into his apartment building was if he came down and opened it. But we decided to go anyway. It just turned out that as we were pulling up he was getting back from walking his dog. So we got out and called his name so he turned around and invited us in. So we went up and met his girlfriend and she was mad to see people there cuz she was cleaning, but by the end she was asking us a million questions and now she loves us! It was the coolest thing how it all played out.

We just had Leadership meeting and district meeting which was good. One cool thing is that the STLs and ZLs from 3 out of 11 zones are invited to this big multi stake future missionary event for all the seniors in HS. It will be all day in two weeks down in South Manhattan. We are planning it and we will be taking the kids out to tract in Central Park and stuff like that. More details will come after it happens, but I am SO excited, it will be awesome.

That night was crazyyyy. We were tracting and ended up talking to this awesome man who kept talking. Which made us a couple minutes late to dinner. On the drive over we missed the turn, which added 10 minutes. Then when we got to their house, we found out they moved and we went to the wrong address. Then our phone dropped on the floor and broke for a bit. When it finally worked we called the elders and got the new address (we told them we weren't going to go but they said to just go). So anyway, by the time we got there we were 40 minutes late! But it was like a party for all the people who helped them move. Turns out, the fiancé was even later an us, so it was fine we were late because we had to wait 5 minutes for him until we could eat. Then all the elders had to leave cuz they had been gone for so long. So they left and we shared the message. We ran out to the car after so that we could be home by 9:30. Luckily we were 40 minutes late to dinner though so that we could stay longer than the elders and share the message. While driving home we looked over and saw is kid while at a stop light. He was in the car next to us and he looked SO sad. So we waved and smiled. He waved back. Then we thought "oh let's give him a Book of Mormon!" So we grab one and I get out and he rolls his window down and I hand it to him, share a quick explanation and testimony telling him it will change his life for the better and I invited him to read it. Then I ran back and got in the car. Then we realized we forgot to give him our number or card. So we quickly found one and then ran it over to him and told him to come to church and to call us with questions then I got back in the car. The whole time the light was red..and I didn't have shoes completely on. Oops. Then we realized we didn't get his name, so we rolled our window down and he did the same and we asked his name. It's Bruno. So pretty much sad Bruno became happy because we are crazy missionaries. He will come to church one day though, I know it.

We saw Ariannie again, she asks the best questions ever. She could totally get baptized. She is 10 and loves church, her grandma is a member but is moving out of the country soon. She told us about a dream where she went to heaven and God was there and smiled and waved to her and welcomed her in. It was so cute. We ended up talking to her for like 40 minutes. She is super mature for her age. She invited us to her baptism and communion into her moms church and she invited us to watch her in the parade next week. But by the end she said she wanted to pray to know what church to get baptized in so that God would be happy with her. When we were leaving she said "don't forget to pray!" Gosh it was the cutest thing. People never tell us that! She is so awesome. My heart hurts for her because her mom is against the church and won't let her. But we pray that one day she will be able to get baptized in this true church. She's incredible.

Today we went to a Members house for lunch and also worked out at her house punching Bob-I'll send you pictures. It was really fun and delicious and healthy! Yay! Anyway, it was really good! Stressful though because since it has been a busy week we haven't had time to read or prep emails so that's why this email is shorter than it would be and super scatter brained and crazy.

This week we have been focusing on inviting people to church. It's part of the zone goal for the month. It's been incredible to see people really commit to coming. It's incredible How we can really only have The Spirit to be with us always if we take the Sacrament each week. Because without the sacrament, we aren't clean and pure again and when we aren't clean, we leave the spirit and can't recognize His influence as well. So make sure you take the sacrament every week! Because it makes a huge different. I have a talk that I'll tell you about next week because I can't remember the name. It's about the sacrament and super cool. I know the sacrament can change us every week if we let it. We can't ever be the same after we take it. Think about Christ's sacrifice as you partake of the bread and water and really reflect on your week and let it change you.

I love you all so much! I hope you have a fabulous week!! Xoxoxo

Sister Tanner <3

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