Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Lady Liberty

How's the best family ever? First off, Happy Birthday Rory!!! I can't believe I haven't even met that cute girl yet and she is 1!! Wow! I love her so much already though :)  Shout out to cousin Dee on her b-day too!
I am glad the Cancer 5k went well! I wish I could have been there to run with you all and help support! I'm praying for you Carmen! :)

This week was busy!  the Statue of Liberty was so much fun, we walked all the way to the top and it was so cool, it was just us four sisters up there (the four in the MTC with me) and so it was really good and refreshing. I'll send some pics, we took a lot!

Also, since it's my last cycle for P-day next week we are going to a matinee Broadway play so that will be really fun.  I doubt I will have any email time though. We will see! Just know, I love you all and I'll reply the week after!

1. On Friday we had zone conference which was fun. We got to watch the new Christmas initiative(A Savior is born)and it's SO good! We also heard some talks. I didn't get called on for the talk this time so that was good, but we all had to prepare 10 minute talks on the sabbath day. It was my last zone conference ever! Super weird. We only did it with two zones so it was a small group. Normally it's with like 5 zones. Like all the upstate missionaries go to one and all the city missionaries go to another.
2. Yesterday I had my departing missionary meeting and lunch. It was crazy but really good!! Wow I just can't even believe it.... I did find out that I fly home with my MTC comp though so that's cool.  She goes to SLC and that's where my quick layover is. I'm happy about that though. The meeting wasn't really like a meeting. It was in the mission home and we all just sat in the family room and got to ask president and sister smith a bunch of life questions and they gave us life/dating/marriage/career advice and we just talked for 4 hours and then they bought us all chipotle for lunch. During lunch president sat with the elders and sister smith sat with us sisters and they just told us about when they were dating and then when they first got married and gave us more advice and what not. It was so fun! there are 9 sisters and 8 elders going home. Finally beat the elders on numbers.

1. this recent convert guy who is a little special invited Jenn over and she asked us to go with her so it wouldn't be awkward. He was going to sell music or beats or whatever  to her. So we went over and we got sucked into it. Here is what's happening. Jenn is writing lyrics for a song, the member is making the music for it, and Sister Standage and I are singing Hahaha... We both don't sing!! I don't think it will actually happen though. So it's okay. She wants it to be like an efy song and she is using the hymn book and children's song book and an efy cd for inspiration.. So ya,  this is going to be interesting!
2. There is this guy named Wesley that we teach sometimes. He keeps saying he wants to come to church and he has been reading the Book of Mormon. He is like 20. We just meet with him when he is outside. Well we decided that we should stop by and say hello since we know his 9 year old sister. Well we knocked on the door and the mom invited us in but she only speaks Spanish. She went down to get him and the next thing you know she comes running upstairs from the basement and out the front door. Well Wesley had run away to get away from us, idk why he was running away from us! It was strange. So we were like okay it's fine, and we left and then we saw him as we were driving to the next place.

Three times this week president has talked to me about how he is grateful for my service and how he thinks I've been an awesome missionary and what not so that was cool. One of the times was during our 3rd hour of church. He came to speak to the youth and we were talking about diligently enduring to the end and he said "sister Tanner, how much time do you have left?" And then he said "let me Tell you all, she only has 4 weeks left.." And then everyone was like "(gasp) awww!! Noo!! Sister Tanner can't leave!" So that was cute haha then he went on to talk about how the end is near but that I haven't given up and he knows I won't and what not and it was really sad but good too. It helped me fight off Satan a little bit more since Satan tries to tell us we were the worst missionaries ever haha i feel so good about life though. Like I'm excited to go home because I know that my time here is almost finished and so when I do go, it's okay and its part of Gods plan for me.

They are doing good! But they didn't Come to church on Sunday :( we met with them last week but they didn't accept a bap date for December 5th yet. We haven't lost hope though, they are still awesome and they still love the church. So we will keep praying for them and hoping that they come to know its all true. Tomorrow we are taking a recent convert with us to their house because he called and asked if he can come so he can invite them to his moms baptism on Sunday. So that will be sweet! And then on Saturday a member invited them and us over to dinner so that will be awesome as well.

1. “Never underestimate the far-reaching influence of your testimony. … You have the capacity to notice the unnoticed. When you have eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to feel, you can reach out and rescue others”-Thomas S. Monson
2. "Without the atonement we are insignificant but with the atonement we are infinite"-Elder Coburn
3. "Worship is an individual activity, even at church. If one wishes to worship the lord, they may do so by song, prayer and participation in the sacrament. If the service is a failure, it is YOU who have failed. No one can worship for you." -Spencer W. Kimball

This week I studied the talk "meeting the challenges of today's world" by elder hales from this past conference. We had to review it for the meeting we had yesterday. I really like how it says,

"The Lord will always keep His promise: 'I will lead you along.' The only question is, will we let ourselves be led? Will we hear His voice and the voice of His servants? I testify that if you are there for the Lord, He will be there for you"
and then when he says,
 "If you want more than you now have, reach up, not across!"

I know that if we turn to the Lord, He will be there for us. We need to have the faith to follow the council we are given though. He never breaks his promises, we are the ones who break it. I have loved seeing this really Come to life. I know we can always turn to the Lord for advice and He will help us. I love this gospel and I am so grateful for the guidance of the Lord in all I do.

Have a great week! I love you all! Xoxoxo

Sister Tanner < 3

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