Wednesday, June 4, 2014

First Week in the MTC!

Hello Family!!

Guess what? I'M A MISSIONARY! Whaaat? Crazy right?!  Well I LOVE it here at the MTC. It's so hard but soo good! It's a different kind of hard though. I think only missionaries can really know the type of hard. It's difficult to explain, but it's been so eye opening and awesome. I am trying my best and working hard and that's what matters. I know that its not my mission, it's His. 

I don't know if you got my letter yet (hopefully you did cuz I wrote it the first day) but like I said, I lost my ID card the first 5 minutes. so awkward. Good thing my host person was so nice and helpful and we got it right back. Apparently one of the workers took it to give me my papers and didn't give it back. But ya... that was a great start to the MTC

I absolutely LOVE my companion! It's Sister Makenzie Rasmussen. She is the girl that I have been friends with on FB and Instagram from the Sister Missionary FB page, so when I saw it was her I felt like I already knew her. Sometimes we ask each other things that we know from FB or Instagram and then realize it was cuz we stalked each other so thats awkward, but it has made being here really fun and not too hard to adjust at all. She is from Pleasant Grove, Utah and went to Utah State this past year, and we are a lot a like so we get along great. We want to ask the Mission President if we can be companions towards the end of our mission but who knows if we would be able to.

The first day for gym we went up to play sand volleyball so we could be outside, but it ended up just being us two up there so that didnt go so well, but it was fun cause I felt like I was playing volleyball on the beach with you guys! But we are better now and actually run and work out and get sore and stuff so that's good.

Alright get this! In our zone, me and Sister Rasmussen are in charge of all the music stuff. Luckily we get to have someone else play the piano for us cuz we can't, but its hilarious cuz we are two that are not musical at all! But I was brave and conducted the music in Sacrament meeting on Sunday. We also joined choir together. It was actually really fun. I got to talk to a lot of people I know

Alright so who have I seen here so far from BYU. A lot... I've seen, Skyler Farmer, Michael Jenkins, Jason Stewart, Blake Spencer, Tanner Gardner, Little Sam(idk his last name), Corinne Jones, Rachel Minor, Maren l., Kirsten, Maddie H., Jennifer Z., (idk their last names exactly) and a few more that I am forgetting. Oops. Then I saw Riley Coggins so that was fun to talk to someone that could actually communicate to you that i'm doing great. I only saw him once and it was last Thursday or Friday. Oh and Eric Mika (that one is for David) haha

My classes and teachers are great! I have brother Darenthal, Rasmussen, Griffins, Blair. They are a mix of personalities and such, but I love them all and they are so helpful and nice to us. My comp and I have been teaching our "investigator" for a while now named Terry who is actually our teacher. At first it was soooo hard because he is sooo stubborn and doesn't like to talk, and just everything wrong that you can think of, so on Friday when we taught him we were hating life hahaha, but we are soo glad he is tough on us because we have learned sooo much more now and love him more and are teaching him a lot better. After our last lesson with him our teacher gave us our evaluation talk thing and then he said "you sisters are doing so good! I just want to give you both a big hug!" Which obviously he can't, but it just made us happy to know we CAN do it haha. I am soo thankful we are able to have this experience because now we start off teaching much better than that first day rather than having a lot of rough lessons first. 

My district is the BEST. We were all kinda quiet the first 2 days, but now we don't stop talking haha. There are 4 sisters total and 2 Elders so us Sisters pretty much rock. In our zone we have another group but they left yesterday and so we are getting another district that enters today. There should be 8 of them I think. The other two sisters I live with/in my district are awesome too! One is from Canada and the other from Colorado I think. There will be 14 of us going to NY next week total. We meet at 3:30 am to head to the airport and our flight is at 7am, so ill be calling preeetty early. Sorry about that!  We have a short layover in Detroit as well. I am not sure when my next pday will be though so don't worry if I dont email you. I'll probably still be alive. 

We have had a couple rough days, but other than that I am doing so great! I really do love it and even when it's rough quitting sounds way worse. Life is good :)

"Don't ask God to change your situation, ask Him to change you so that you can sustain it"

I love Matthew 14 and how it is a lot like life. Thinking about how we left our safe zone in heaven to come to earth and along the way God is watching over us. When we fall He is there to help us back up. Falling into the water can represent baptism and repentance. When we get back up we have faith and God walks with his arm around our shoulder back home to Heaven. It's not until we get back to heaven, that the winds stop. but while we are here on earth the storm of life will not end. It is up to each of us to rely on Him and to have faith that He will guide us. God gave us our weaknesses so He will not be mad when we struggle or fall down. All we have to do is ask.

Alright well I love you all so much! Don't worry about me, i'm wonderful! I'm in the Lord's hands. I can feel it. The gospel is true. The Spirit is so strong here! I love it. Have a wonderful week!

Love Always,
Sister Tanner

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