Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Right In the Heart of Manhattan

Hello family!!!

So I guess I do get to email today! But I loved talking to you yesterday for a little bit! We all made it here to New York safely so that's good. My pday will be Wednesday from now on. But before I tell you about New York, let me finish up the MTC. On Monday we got to play sand volleyball against the other district for gym time and it was super fun. Reminded me of fhe at home!

On Sunday my district gave a lesson for zone conference and then we all sang in sacrament and the branch president cried. So that was sweet. haha. At first I was really afraid of President Jenkins(the branch president) because he was super tough on us, but then he turned out to be realllly nice! On the last Sunday there President Jenkins said that from day 1 he knew he didn't have to worry about me or Sister Vincent because he knew we were going to do great and be amazing missionaries! So hopefully that turns out to be true!! Love that guy. Before we left he told us he won't see us again on earth, but in the next life he will give us a big hug and kiss on the cheek. Hahah he's adorable.

Okay so on the second tiny plane that we took from Detroit to White Plains, NY we had a district goal to all give out a Book of Mormon. On that flight I sat next to a nonmember and he asked a bunch of questions. He has never seen missionaries before so he wanted to know what we did. I got to give him my Book of Mormon which was super cool! so that was a good start to the day :)

Okay so NEW YORK. I love President Morgan and his wife. they are soo nice! They fed us a delicious thanksgiving feast for dinner and fresh new york bagels for breakfast. It was delicious.

So remember how in my talk I said that I have to learn to love the place and people before I can teach? Well in my head I thought "oh i will be able to go upstate first and then get used to it and ease into the city. Well apparently there is a different plan for me. My first area is RIGHT IN THE HEART OF MANHATTAN. My trainer is Sister Orme and she seems super nice! I think this will be really fun. I'll be here for the next 12 weeks at least.

We went to Trader Joes to buy me some food today. That's where we always shop. They have the cool cart escalators there too. hahah. Tonight I am teaching my first lesson. Yikes. As a new missionary I have to teach 75% to all of the lessons so thats fun. And later we are also going into Time Square with the other elders. So that should be fun.

My district leader is Elder Torgersen and he seems super cool too. I'm currently sitting here with Elder Moss from my district in the MTC and Elder Nelson who is also new and then Elder Fronk, well and also my comp. They are all really fun as well and wanted to make sure I mentioned them in this email haha.

Oh guess what! on July, 2 we are all going to the Yankees game! Wahoo! I'll be able to see all my mtc friends. Everyone in the mission is invited.

Our church building is the one in/next to the temple. When i was going in I saw Kylees brother and dad who are headed to Ecuador today. They will actually be going with Carter Coggins so thats kinda funny I saw them

Okay so our ipads aren't set up yet and so us 3 new missionaries are all sharing one computer so I cant send pictures today or have much time to email. I didn't even get to read anyones email this week (so if you emailed me and I didn't reply, thats why!) But next week I will have a lot of pictures to send! Hopefully, if i can figure out how to get them onto here. I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week.

Love Always,
Sister Tanner

ps. send everything to the mission home. We arent allowed to have stuff sent right to our apartment. Just try not to make packages huge cuz we have to take it on the subway and walk around with it so its hard haha thanks! love you!

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