Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Elder L. Tom Perry in the house

 Hello Hello, 

Happy birthday to Elder Westin Coggins yesterday and Uncle Tom Harper today. And happy birthday to Liv next Tuesday! Hope you have a good birthday baby sister!! 

Today we are on the east side for pday just at the church playing games with the zone. The church here is super cool but let's be honest, the west side is the best side. Oh ya anddd I got a haircut today! Chopped like 5 inches :( but it's okay cuz it was Sooo dead and it'll grow back. It needed it.

So my new companion, Sister Brown, is just what I needed. She's from South Jordan Utah. She has been out 7 months and spent the whole 7 months upstate in Newtown, Connecticut. We are so different and it's the best but we are also so alike. We were in a few of the same classes at BYU. She was doing pre nursing too and then switched to exercise and wellness. Except she actually wants to major in exercise and wellness and I don't haha. She loves to exercise in the mornings so I am so grateful for that. She eats practically nothing. She's tiny. She is vegetarian. She is the pickiest eater ever and I eat just about anything and everything. She doesn't really like any of the same things as me. She is not shy at all with people. She is super bold In everything and not quiet when asking about people or things that probably shouldn't be asked out loud haha. I like to be quiet in the morning Because everyone else in the building is asleep when we go out to exercise but she likes to be loud and slam the door really loud and stuff so that's kinda funny. We are working on that haha. I am so excited for this transfer cycle though. I hope we stay together for a while because I know I will learn a lot from her (and I already have). 

So this week we saw "Meet the Mormons". I think I mostly loved it because of the missionary part. Mom, you cried huh? I bet you did. Seems like moms with missionaries out would. But it was good! I'm glad we got to see it :)

Last week we got to make birthing kits for women in Haiti. Oh and we took a taxi to get there and that was the first taxi of my mission so that was fun! But anyway, It was really neat to be a part of helping make those especially because we talk to so many people who's families live in Haiti. I guess when the sister in our Ward called to tell the man in Haiti that we were making 60 he was in shock because most people make 10 so that was cool. 

On Sunday I woke up sick kinda like the flu. Luckily I didn't throw up but I was so dizzy and weak and couldn't focus during studies so I went back to bed for a bit. I still went to our meetings and to church and everything. That night we got to hear from Elder L. Tom Perry so I wasn't going to miss that either. I was just kinda miserable the whole time. But anyway, Elder Perry stayed at the mission home so that was lucky for our mission president. After the fireside we all got to Shake his hand. That was neat. When it was our turn he said "I bet you sisters are staying busy here! (Then he looked at us and said Sister brown, keep an eye on sister Tanner here okay?" And he I guess an apostle feels I need be looked after or something. Haha

Yesterday we got to meet two girls who are 16 and 17 who just moved in with their grandma. They are from Utah though and I guess some family stuff happened so they were forced to move here. I'm not really sure what happened. They didn't say. But their uncle who is active and lives in New Jersey called us and gave us their info. They are super nice girls but they have no friends here so liv I need you to come here and be their friend! The grandma is really nice so you can live with her :) they were baptized but they aren't active but we are going to start working with them :) I'm excited to help them :) and we are going to activate their grandma too. Unless she isn't a member. Then we are going to baptize her, even though she speaks Spanish. We will figure it out :)

So this week I read alma 5. I love that chapter. It gives us so many questions we can apply to our lives and think about. If you guys didn't get a chance to read it, then do it today. I love it. Everyday we should be living in such a way that we are better than the day before.
The Book of Mormon is amazing! I've never understood it so well until I got here and I really have the Spirit with me to help me learn and study and understand. I wish I was better before about really understanding and studying by the Spirit because I love the Book of Mormon so much more now :)

Sister Tanner <3
Elder L. Tom Perry came!
Delicious pie from "little pie company"

Chapel on the east side is sweet

In a taxi with my new comp. Sister Brown

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