Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It was just a Disney Channel kind of day....

Hello family!!

Can you believe that it is October already? Where did June go??? It's Crazy! But I kinda really love fall. I learned how much I love pumpkin things so I'm fine with it :) 

For our P-Day activity, We are headed to ride bikes in Central Park today so hopefully that goes well :) I am excited, it'll be fun :) 

This week has been pretty good! Transfers are next week because our mission president has a meeting or something the week after so it was a short transfer cycle. Probably for sure one of us will leave because we have been together for three transfers already our bishop ran into President Morgan and told him how great we are and how much he loves us so since things are going well that practically guarantees a mix up. 

So about the movie Meet the Mormons, they showed it here at the theaters in time square last night but as missionaries we weren't allowed to go because they wanted members to go see it…but next Friday the first presidency of the church asked us to watch it together as a mission. So next week on the 10th, I will be able to see “Meet the Mormons”. I'm pretty excited because it looks good and missionaries in other missions have been able to see it already. Everyone go see it and tell all your friends about it too.

On Saturday we got to go to the temple with our recent convert Sasha!! She was super nervous at first but we were right there with her during baptisms and confirmations and so it turned out really good. Afterward she was so happy and asked, "can me and my grandma come and do this every week!!?!?" Haha so that was fun! It was a super awesome experience :) 

On Monday we had a zone APF (Area Proselyting Focus) and on the way We passed Waverly place and then later Dylan Sprouse walked through our APF as well so it was just a Disney channel kind of day...  Also at the APF, two different people asked me if I would model for them next month and another person asked me if I was a model.. Uhh no. Awkward. Another fun thing from the APF is that one of the bird guys in the park let me hold his pet bird on my hand! It was fun...sorry I didn't get a picture though because I didn't have my iPad or camera with me. 

So this months zone APF was centered on our up coming General Conference. We had 4 tables set up in Washington square park and on them we had Old Testament prophets, New Testament prophets, Book of Mormon prophets, and latter-day prophets. And then we gave out cards with all the info inviting people to watch conference and my district drew all over with chalk attracting people into the park. Like we drew arrows and footprints and drew some pictures and wrote questions and just all sorts of stuff to draw people in and want to know more. It turned out to be really successful. We got to talk to a lot of people. I was able to teach about 10 solid lessons alone and I was drawing with chalk most of the time, and other districts talked to a ton more so it was really good. Hopefully at least some of them will watch at least a little bit of conference. It was a good APF. A lot of people questioned our beliefs, which just made my testimony even stronger. I know that President Thomas S Monson is a prophet of God and I can't wait to hear from him this week. It will be so incredible.

Did you guys watch the general women's meeting? It was so good! I loved president Uchtdorfs talk so much. Some of my favorite parts are when he talked about how we need to trust God because He knows a whole lot more than us. I think sometimes it's easy to forget how much better God knows us than we do. He knows our struggles and he knows what makes us happy. But he has a plan for us and we need to trust Him. I loved the analogy he gave about how blessings are like rain pouring down upon us, but we often block them with our umbrellas of sin and fear. That is one thing I want to work on more. Moving that umbrella aside and giving my all without holding anything back. I also Loved when he talked about how when we understand God and Jesus Christ and their purpose then we will understand ourselves better. I know that as members of this wonderful church we need to give Him our all. We need to move aside the umbrella of fear and sin and share the light and knowledge that we have with others. We need to continue to learn of Him and become better each day. I know that as we continue to put our trust in the Lord and do our part, then he will bless us. 
L. Tom Perry is coming on October 12! So hopefully I will still be here in the city so I can go hear him speak because that would be awesomeeee!!!!!

So yesterday my comp and I were going to drop off a Book of Mormon to a media referral person whose office was in Time Square. When we were walking there, there was a big screen that Mario Lopez was on and he was standing in a building and Time Square was below him in the background. So we were like "oh let's find him and be on the big screen!!" But we could not figure it out for the life of us...finally at the last minute we saw him a couple floors up through the glass In the building right in front of us. We had been on the big screen the entire time. Guess we are both blonde deep down... 

By the way, go to or the lds tools app and look at the videos. You go to Strength of Youth media..2014 mutual theme: Come unto Christ...strengthened in the lord. It has a lot of the kids in the Ward I am serving in that are in it. So it's fun to watch that haha. I meant to tell you about that a while ago. Sorry! 

Speaking of general conference, I am so excited! It's weird because this will be my first conference on the mission (obviously) but also this will be the first conference that I will watch it at the church (at least what I remember?) I’m glad I was able to go to every session in the Conference Center this past April because it made me love conference even more. I hope you all watch all of conference ..including Saturday ..and don't fall asleep! and have the traditional conference FHE where you talk about it and share your favorite talks, because that's the best! 

I am so excited that you guys are memorizing the living Christ before Christmas!! You can do it! :) I actually started re-memorizing it again recently so that has been super good! I will try and have it finished by Christmas too if possible! I'm trying to study more about Christ. I figured the best way to become more like Him is to study his characteristics and teachings and apply them to my life. I know that as I really work on developing Christlike attributes, I can become more like Him. 

I love you all so much! I hope you have a wonderful week! 


Sister Tanner <3

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  1. We are happy you are in new york. Your an awesome sister missionary. We love you...uncleJim aunt Robin