Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I cried...and cried...and cried...

Hello everyone!

GUESS WHO IS STAYING IN CHRISTMAS CAPITAL FOR CHRISTMAS?!?! If you guessed Sister Brown, you are correct! If you guessed are wrong. Yep that's right. I'm getting banned up to Monticello today. (It's the furthest northwest that my mission goes I think. So really far away from here). I'll be honest, I cried..and cried..and cried..and then prayed and then cried some more..and cried again..and then prayed again and cried some more..and then went to sleep many hours later..and then woke up and cried again. Hahaha it was great.

You don't have to try and tell me it'll be okay though haha I know that it's where I need to be. I know that it is Gods will for me. I knew it had to happen because I didn't want it to and that happens to be the common theme of my mission from the day I opened my call. It's just so lame because sister brown and I planned sooooo many things. We still have so much work to do. Plus,we were going to go to the Macy's day parade and then tonight they blow up the big balloons and people walk around and take pictures so that's what we wanted to do. Next week is winters eve which is this big Christmas event that the missionaries pass out hot chocolate at. We planned to get gym passes at this new gym by us that is cheap because it's new and we were told to keep up the excercise. And then Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years...and the whole time I will be the farthest you can get from the city up in the middle of nowhere. So that's lame.

Everyone was like "oh you will get to be in a house for Christmas and thanksgiving! You will get to have a car for the winter! You will get to have hot showers (we don't have hot water like 95% of the time which is awful when it's cold here. It's a major brain freeze) and a warm cozy apartment! (Our heater is broken too). And a white Christmas! It will be so much fun!" But the truth is, I don't want any of that anymore. I love it here and I love all the people here. So it was reallllly hard saying goodbye. Did I mention that I cried and cried?? Good.

At church the speakers weren't told that they were suppose to speak so right before sacrament the bishop asked me to give the talk and share my I did. It was actually really cool though. I wasn't nervous up there at all. I was calm. The spirit was with me guiding me with what to say. I am grateful I had that opportunity to share my testimony with the Ward at the last minute. It worked out perfectly.

Anyway, that has been my life half this week. Just so so sad. But it's fineeeee. Hopefully I'll be back one day. I know I'll love Monticello. I know I'm needed there. I just wish I wasn't needed there for another 6 weeks. But I know this mission isn't about me. I guess I'll just have to come back for a month or so in a couple years for Thanksgiving and Christmas :)

Packing was so stressful. Nothing fit. At all! Oh my goodness I have way too much stuff. haha

So the part of the week that was before transfer calls was good. We found the most prepared ready investigator ever. I'm not sure if I told you about how we were looking up someone and decided to leave a card on one of the doors and they called us, but we followed up with that. So we ended up meeting with the man and he is so awesome. He said he was thinking about church lately and how he wanted to come again (he came one time before about 6 months ago) and then when he found the card on his door he knew it was a sign from God to come back to this church. He already knows a lot and loves it all. He is now reading the Book of Mormon. His name is Freddie and he is incredible. I know great things will come of him.

Oh one sketchy thing that happened is that there was a crime scene right next door to us. So we got home one night and the cops were all there and they were there like all night and then the next morning it was all taped off and said that it is restricted and nobody can go inside and stuff. Intense right? That's good ol' Harlem for Ya!

I took a lot of pictures with everyone so I'll send those.

Oh and the Tanners are moving too! On Friday! They are moving to Utah. So you can go be friends with them in Provo. They are the best! Dad, Now you can talk to them about how we are related since I told you no before :) they are the best though. They gave us blankets as well and we ran into them on Saturday night and they paid for our dollar slice haha there is this dollar slice that they told us about and it's the best pizza ever. Sometimes dollar slice is cheap and not very good but this one is top notch. It's on 55th and Broadway for anyone coming to NY and needing a cheap meal!

So while reflecting back on these past 6 months I realized that my very first lesson ever while a missionary on my first day here was Sister Macuilt and It was the first time Sasha had joined in on the lesson. So last night I got to do the most incredible thing. I got to go to the temple with Sasha and sister Macuilt to do baptisms and confirmations with them. It was so neat. I felt the spirit so strong and seeing how happy they both were topped it all off. Wow I love this work.

So I am now at transfer meeting so I'll tell you about my companion next week. I'm at the city transfer meeting so I have to go upstate to the next transfer meeting after this. It will be a long day.

With thanksgiving tomorrow I just want you all to know that I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord. I know I am on the Lords errand and so I am working hard to bless the lives of Gods children. It's been such a testimony to know that this is not my time but the Lords time. I am serving in place of the Savior and feel so blessed to be trusted with Gods children. I am so grateful for the atonement and for the comfort it brings. I am beyond grateful for prayer. I know prayer works. Pray is the only way to unlock the blessings that God wants to give us. If we don't turn to God, he can't help us. All we have to do is ask. We need to be praying everyday and giving thanks for all we have. I am so grateful for all the prayers offered for me each day. I really feel them. I am so thankful for the knowledge of eternal families. I know that while I am here I am just helping other people to live with their families for eternity. I'm excited to see you all in a year but for now I am thankful for all the people I have come to love here and the ones who have come to love me as well. The Manhattan 1st Ward will always be my family in New York and I'm excited to come back and visit them. Although I am sad to leave the city, I am grateful for the new opportunities that are ahead of me. I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving. I love you so

Sister Tanner <3

Well in time square they are putting up a huge bill board.  It is the big event we have been waiting for. Wow. I'm sooo sad to miss it! Everything will have advertisements from now (Nov. 28-Jan 1 ) or something like that. Billboards, taxis and video boards in time square. Also on December 7th the church bought the master head on YouTube. So look at it. 220 million people will see it.

At transfers president came up to me and was like "sister Tanner I am so exciting for your new assignment!! Are you excited?" And I said Ya and he said "are you!?" And I said "nope not at all" and he laughed and said "I know" ruuuddeee haha love him though.

I am the designated driver. She has only been here 3 months. And it's been snowing all day. Pretty sure we are in for some adventures in the snow. It will be interesting. Pray that we don't die haha we have gotten a ton of snow already today.

Anyway, I can't think of what else I was going to add but I love you! Have a good week!

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