Thursday, November 6, 2014

I don't think there is such thing as a terrible week

Hello again! Wow time flies so fast. A week seems like a day. It's insane. It's been getting pretty cold here! There was one day where it was sooo windy that I thought I was going to turn into an icicle because I wasn't prepared. Luckily at dinner on Sunday night we met this super nice lady in our Ward who has been less active but she loved the lesson we shared with her and as we walked to our next appointment with her (she lived in the same direction) she asked if either of us needed rain boots and then she gave me hers! So now I don't have to stress about buying boots. So I'll probably just wait and see if I'll be here in the city for December or not because all the members say to wear rain boots all winter in the city and snow boots upstate.

For our P-Day activity today we went to the bottom of the island! It was really fun. We went to the Brooklyn bridge, ground zero, inside that church we saw last time when we all came to New York, the financial bull, and then just walked around a bit down there. It was sweet. I'll send pictures! I took a lot! 

Random info...
---So I'm pretty sure I'm going to get Ebola because another missionary just got it... Just kidding. Do you even hear about Ebola there? Everyone is always freaking out about it and asking us if we talked to anyone from Africa and if they sneezed or coughed or anything. Some people even wear scarves over their mouth because they are so afraid of it. So ya, Ebola is getting out of hand here. Whateves (mom note: it’s obvious she doesn’t get to watch the news! Haha)
---When we were going to buy boots for the snow there was a guy following us saying "Free hugs! kisses!" Over and over again. 
---Last week I forgot to tell you that when we went to the temple we went and looked at the brides room and the sealing rooms so that was really cool to see! It's so weird to know that the temple is right above us everyday when we are in the church. It's sweet though. 
---Last week they were filming something for possibly “So you think you can Dance” right where we get off the train to come home. Like two blocks away from where we live. So if you watch so you think you can dance and see what I send you a picture of, then just know that that is where I live. 
---The New York marathon was here on Sunday, it was a mad house around the church. Our orders were to not even go anywhere close to it, but we had to get to church. And to a member’s house for dinner so we saw tons of people but we never saw the runners actually running. 
---So we were told to go to bed early Friday night (Halloween) and so we did, and then Saturday night was day light savings so we got to sleep an extra hour two nights in a row. It was awesomeee.

Anyway, this week was good! On Monday we got to talk to and teach so many people. It was so awesome! Like always. I mean I don't think there is such thing as a terrible week. There are always good things and blessings each day! Like ya, some days are long and hard, but when it comes down to it, I get to do the Lords work every single day. What a blessing it is to know that the God trusts me with His children. I love it! 

So Halloween was fun! We got to do service all day for members in our Ward and It was so amazing. We helped an autistic man in our Ward move into his new apartment, which was so awesome because he really needed our help. I just wanted to stay and help him all day because he is so sweet and caring. Every time we meet with him to teach him or help him with anything, he makes us call him when we get home so he knows we are safe. At night, we just had dinner altogether as roommates and made some yummy treats and celebrated our Halloween that way.

We had this guy walk into the temple, well church, a couple weeks ago and he asked if he could learn more. After meeting with him once, he came to church and he has just been in complete awe. His name is Richie and he lives in Queens. That's okay though. He can get baptized over there. But really he was like led here. He loves it and has such a strong desire to know more. He is really nice and normal.

So something we have been talking about with members a lot lately is sharing the gospel with friends. A common theme of sacrament was how many of the members have had their friends ask them why they never told them one thing or another. One lady shared an experience about how one of her coworkers said to her "how come you never told me you believe in eternal families and getting sealed in the temple? Shame on you." Haha But if we think about it, when we get to the next life, how many of our friends are going to come up to us and say "shame on you for not telling me...." Ya everyone knows we don't drink coffee or smoke or anything like that, but do they know the things that make us happiest in life, like the knowledge of eternal families. On Sunday we are having a "come and see" event. Church is just the first hour -  the sacrament meeting, and it's the primary program this year and it's all centered on families. We have invited a lot of people so hopefully a few come! It'll be awesome. I'm so excited :) the church is true. I love it so much. Let's all share the gospel with everyone :) 

I love you all so much! I hope you are all caught up on your Book of Mormon reading :) Have a wonderful week! 


Sister Tanner <3

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