Saturday, December 20, 2014

Chicken foot soup

Hello hello! So this week was pretty good! 

First of all, We went to the city todayyyyy!! Yay yay yay yay. So fun. Except we could only be there for a bit because we had to be back in Monticello by 6. That was the deal. So we didn’t get to see all the Christmas lights and all that fun stuff, but hey, I am SO glad I got to go back "home". It was AMAZING. It feels a lot like Christmas today :) we went to the Macy's toy store that looks like where they filmed elf (I believe!), time square to see the he is the gift billboards (they are so awesome), Rockefeller center to see the big Christmas tree (still cool even though it was light outside) the temple to see all the guards and staff, trader joes because I wanted to buy my new favorite peanut butter from there, and we got dollar slice!! It was so much fun! We are back in Monticello now. Gosh it has been such a good day though! :) I am a very happy girl today :) 

We had our mission Christmas party and that was wonderful! It was Sooo much fun seeing all my past companions and MTC friends and other people I served with. Last time the whole mission got together was for the Yankees game and that was like 3 weeks after I got here so I didn't know anyone really so I'm glad I knew a lot more of the missionaries this time :)  All of us with cars went down to the train station to pick up the city missionaries and so I picked up my roommates and that was fun driving with them.The only bad thing is that it made me miss my last area again. I'm perfectly fine up in Monticello until you get me thinking about Christmas and how there are just about zero Christmas lights and in the city there are lights on every twig. At one point when we were all socializing and just hanging out, President Morgan came up to me with a big smile and was like "so how do you like Monticello now?" And I just said "I love it. I'm learning to love it" and he said "really?" Kinda in a Ya right you are lying voice and I said "I'm trying to at least and when I don't think about it then I can love it." As I said that a tear rolled down my face and he gave me a big hug and said "sister Tanner you are awesome. Keep up the good work. you're a wonderful missionary"....and that was that haha (I didn't cry though. Just a tear) life is good :) 
On Thursday night we went to the Mulhollands house. They are a cute black family with 6 kids (5 girls and 1 boy) and they are so adorable. I think they are 9, 8, 7, 6, 4, 2. But they also have a 7 yr old girl cousin living with them too. We helped them with their homework and had a little lesson and then we had dinner with them (they feed us every Thursday)..and we had chicken foot soup!! It was nasty. I'll send you a picture of it. Super gross. I didn't expect full on chicken feet to be in my soup. But I ate it anyway. Well I tried to at least. 

I gave a talk on Sunday. That was fun. It turned out pretty good I think. A member from the stake presidency showed up randomly and so that was fun. The other new elder in this area and I spoke so it was good. Also, sister McCreary and her granddaughter came to church again as well as Fred (a guy we showed “He is the gift” to a few weeks ago that I may I have mentioned before) and they said they will be here next week as well. So that's awesome. 

Alright so I don't remember how much I told you about Sister McCreary (our neighbor) but I know I told you she talked to us after grocery shopping. So Saturday we sat down with her and did a how to begin teaching lesson (read PMG and you will understand) and just kind of laid out our purpose as missionaries and it went so well. She said she is going to forget about all the negative "propagandas" that she has heard in the past and find out what this church is about for herself. So that's sweet. 

Then yesterday we went to teach her the restoration and it went Sooo well! She is so prepared! She talked about how families are sacred and how she doesn't like when people just have kids for "fun" and what not and she told us about how she use to smoke a long time ago but through prayer she realized that God didn't want her harming her body like that. She said she believes there is a prophet today and that she is so excited to read the Book of Mormon more. She has already read some of the Book of Mormon and she says amazing prayers. She is so prepared. 

This week we all kept singing the song from Tarzan that goes "I wanna know. Can you show me? I wanna know about these strangers like me. Tell me more, please show me. Something familiar know bout these strangers like me" and being missionaries, Sister Ballou and I were like "we need an investigator like that. Someone that really wants to know and asks us questions and comes to us" and then sister McCreary came knocking at our door asking us when we could teach her more! And we are going backover tomorrow :) goodness she is just so sweet and awesome, I wish you could all meet her :) 
Yesterday we also got to go to sister Kings house(a less active member). I think I told you a bit about her. She was the one in jail for a little while. Like a week or so. Well anyway, she is hilarious and super awesome. She smokes a lot though, so we went over this 15 step plan that we have to stop smoking and apparently it works really well. So she committed to that and was so excited about it. She wants to go get sealed to her husband and she wants to do temple baptisms too. She has already cut back this past week on her smoking and so we are just praying so hard that she will be able to stop. The lesson went so well though and the spirit was so strong. She is such a kind lady and she feeds us every Tuesday and is an amazing cook! So Ya, I'm excited to keep working with her. We didn't get to go last week because of the weather so that was the first full lesson I've had with her. Anyway, yesterday was just a great day :) 

I can't believe Christmas is next week. Where did time go? Crazy how fast time flies! I have really enjoyed reading so many talks from the ensign and new era about Christmas. I love that this year I am not focused on what I am getting for Christmas at all. I have just really enjoyed helping people learn about the true gospel. Nothing brings more joy than seeing others accept the messages we share about Jesus Christ. I know it is the true church. I know that Christmas really isn't about all the presents and lights. Although the festivities are fun and exciting, it is important to not get too caught up in the craziness of it and enjoy the blessings that Christ has given us.

I love you all so much and I hope you have a wonderful week! Merry Christmas


Sister Tanner <3

Chicken Foot Soup

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