Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas!! 

Wow how is it already Christmas Eve?? Where did time go!? I guess time flies when you are having fun :) today we are all making ginger bread houses. Each district is making one. Our district is making a nativity ginger bread house so we can use it to go with the "He is the gift" video haha I guess we will see how that turns out! 

First of all, before I forget, everyone who is reading this, find out if your missionaries have a place to go for Christmas. If not, invite them over! They will love you and be eternally grateful for you. So do it. 

Alright so This week was pretty good. Thank you SO much for all the a Christmas cards and Christmas packages! I feel SO loved and SO blessed. I hung up all the Christmas cards on my wall because they are all so adorable! :) I'm also excited to talk to everyone tomorrow! It'll be weird haha 

Okay let me just tell you, last week after we got back from the city sister Ballou practically died. In the city she got really grumpy and just went silent because she was sick of walking (even though we didn't really walk at all compared to a normal proselyting or preparation day in the city) and she didn't want any pictures because the humidity got to her hair and she didn't like that. So when we got home She was sooo exhausted and her legs hurt really bad and she was just like "I never ever want to serve in the city. I never want to go back there" hahah it was soo sad. She was so grumpy and in pain so we went home since our appointment got cancelled and did studies and had dinner and called people to try and do online lessons with them and stuff. It was funny but sad haha I felt bad. I told her that if she ever gets called to the city then she can decline and I'll take her place. She told me that we can't go to the city the rest of the time we serve together haha but I'm ready to go back :) while I was there I made sure to embrace the craziness. On the subway I talked to a craazyy guy who told me all sorts of stories. It was weird. But I loved seeing so many people and knowing I'm not the only one on this planet. It was nice :) 

So last week the elders went to interfaith council which happens once a month and leaders or representatives from all the churches go, We couldn't go this week but they told us that some lady stood up and was like "I just want to give a shout out to the missionaries! they are always helping out and they are everywhere. If service is needed, they are there! We love them, they are the best!" Haha so that was sweet. And Mo tab is coming to perform here in bethel and in the city and so they were all talking about that since they all know who mo tab is. So the elders said it was awesome.     

On Friday we did an APF with the zone here in Monticello. We planned to set up at the church and provide hot chocolate and wrap people's gifts while playing the he is the gift video. So everyone from the zone came (about 20 of us) and we had a lot of fun!...except only one lady came.... It was the lady from the Methodist church that was at the interfaith council. Haha..that's Monticello for you! So we all just drank the hot chocolate and watched mormon messages and talked while waiting for people to come. At one point a group of us went out caroling and that was really fun. One lady was crying and she said "I've only seen this in movies! I've never seen this happen in real life! You just made my Christmas!" So we went caroling a lot more after that even though it was freezing cold. Some people stood and watched us from the window. Most people didn't want to watch the video he is the gift after we sang but they wanted to give us a donation. Obviously we didn't take it. I don't get why people don't want to watch a 2 minute video but they want to give us 20 bucks or so. Whateves.

There is a cute New senior couple here in Monticello with us. They are from Taiwan and their English is not too great haha but they are so sweet and excited to be here. They got here on Saturday night and so we have been switching off with the elders taking them to lessons and what not. We took them shopping on Monday because they had no food and it was quite hilarious. They struggled a bit. And they took like 10 minutes to pick what kind of rice they wanted haha they are so cute. Today we are taking them to get boots! 
On Sunday us four missionaries sang in church for the Christmas program... None of us can sing and out of us four I can probably sing the best. So that is saying something cuz I can't sing. Let me Tell you, it was badddd hahaha but hey, it's Monticello so nobody cares and lots of people sang as well and so it was fine. But Ya, not the best musical abilities between us four missionaries haha

Well tomorrow is Christmas! Can you believe that? 
This morning I was thinking about everyone who just opened their mission calls and how exciting it must have been and I started reflecting back on when I received my mission call. I remember being at BYU and every Wednesday watching the excitement as the mail room exploded with mission calls. I remember the week mine was going to come and I had no idea where I was going to get called to. And then the day it came when me and liv(o squared, not my sister) were riding around on the bikes waiting for the mail and then the excitement and fear that came when I had it in my hands. My whole life changed after that. I love New York. I love the people here. I love this gospel so much. I am so thankful that I get to be trusted here. I loved reading the Book of Mormon these past 120 days with you. I really have felt the spirit so strong. I know it is true. The stories are incredible and there is just so much guidance that comes from it. I love my Savior so much and I am so grateful for him. 

I love you all so much! I'll talk to you tomorrow

Sister Tanner <3

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