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It's dangerous I swear...

February 18, 2015
Okay so I thought I would have pday Friday because that is what they originally said since Friday is transfers, but I guess it's today and Friday is just transfer and work day. Sister Quackenbush and I are staying here of course. This next transfer is a big one for me because I hit half way which is totally weird. It's all a blur. I'm not sure how it went so fast! Shout out for the Valentine's Day package from the Wallace family and from the Summers and a Valentine's Day card from the Harper grandparents!! Thank you soo much! You guys are the best! Best Valentine's Day I've
ever had, wow! I really feel the love! :)

Rory looks SO cute in that little white dress I love it! The babies are getting so big! Sounds like the baby blessing went well though :)

Today we built a snowman with the Hsiehs (senior missionary couple from Taiwan) and it was adorable! They were SO excited. They loved it because it was their first time. They are the best. The snowman turned out hilarious because the snow isn't good for building one anymore but they made it how they wanted it. And it was super warm while we were doing it. It's like 20 degrees today so we are living the life! It's nice :)

So this week was super cold but super good! The temp was in the negatives all week. On Thursday we had a lot of time because 3 of our appointments cancelled(that is very normal for us.) So we prayed and prayed to know what to do with our time that day because we were getting bummed at how often people have been canceling and how little success we were having and then that day, not long after, we found two new investigators!! We were doing potential investigator look ups and
found 2 people that were contacted 5 years ago but never learned a thing. And they said they want to know more and learn more so we went back Tuesday and one of the two was super cool and interested. The other ones girlfriend just yelled at us and then slammed the door on
us haha.

On Friday we finally went down to Scarsdale and got Tiwi. Tiwi is the thing that gets connected to the car to tell you when to slow down, stop driving crazy, and put on your seatbelt. Well in our car when we go 3 over the speed limit it yells at us and tells us to slow down. In a serious and deep man voice it says "check your speed." Let me tell Ya, that first day it nearly gave me a heart attack every time! I hate it so much! I literally would jump. It's dangerous I swear. That first
day it yelled at me to check my speed like 20 plus times (which is very bad) so then my goal for the week was to not let it yell at me anymore. Haha Today after grocery shopping we were heading home and I turned super smoothly and it told me I was driving aggressively. Definitely was not, so it's lame. Tiwi and I aren't really friends but I'll deal. While we were in the mission office waiting for tiwi to be installed we got to talk to President Morgan a little and all the other senior couples in there so that was fun. President laughed at us and told us we would hate tiwi and that we were about to begin a new life. Now I see where having the need for speed like my parents is not a good thing.

The rest of Friday the 13th was very much unlucky. All of our appointments cancelled yet again. So we went to an investigators house that isn't calling us back. When we got there they were having party and sounded too intoxicated to open the door. So we left. That's when we noticed the stars were even better than last week. So we drove to an open place where it was pitch black and got out and laid on the car to look at the stars for a bit....then we heard the bushes move, so we
ran into the car and drove away haha. Then we decided to get icecream (from a place we see advertisements for everywhere) since it was 1 degree outside because that would be fun. But it ended up being closed until spring. So we headed home for dinner. When we got home, a closet
door was opened and it was one we closed that morning because we heard something move inside of it as we were leaving. We heard something move in it again so we texted the elders and told them to come look in our closet when they got home....they agreed but then we decided we
were brave so we decided to look ourselves. So we looked inside and found an empty water jug (with a hole in the upper side of it) which was full the week before when we had cleaning checks). So that was weird. Then suddenly we heard the sound again but couldn't figure out what it was. After we grabbed flashlights and a broom and looked through the entire closet and didn't find anything, we noticed water all over our pamphlets on the other side of the wasn't
possible that the empty water jug made it over there though because it was safely placed behind everything else on the opposite side. That's when we realized that the sound was water dripping from a different jug up top..which somehow was leaking too. Only a little water was gone though. So we cleaned it all up and took the jugs out and then we heard something move the backpacks. But there are no rodents in the closet or bugs or anything so it's just a mystery...then in the
bedroom it was superrrr cold. I guess the heater broke in there but then it got super hot suddenly. So that was weird too. Pretty much we just freaked ourselves out since it was Friday the 13th.... Haha we are such girls I guess! At least the elders didn't have to come over to save us :)

 Saturday sister Quackenbush was really sick. She got the flu and was throwing up all night the night before. So we stayed home all day and she threw up all day. And then slept the rest of the day. It was sad. Even though I absolutely hate when people throw up and I wanted to get
a mask and spray her wih disinfectant spray so I didn't get sick, I decided to play the mom card and be brave! I made her rice and toast when she got hungry, gave her water and medicine, checked on her all day, did the dishes, cleaned the apartment, and I only sprayed the disinfectant spray when she was asleep and didn't know haha. For he most part I studied all day and accomplished a lot so that was nice! :)

Sunday we had an hour delay of church and then it was only 2 hours long, but I gave another talk! This one was on the talk titled "Believe!" From Elaine S. Dalton from April 2004 General Conference. I'm not too sure what I said but it was good! :) everyone go read that
talk. It's good!
On Monday we went Tracting for a couple hours and we ended up running into one of the elders investigators. He is this man that is a little disabled and so he opened and we were super awkward because we didn't want to do a normal door approach since he knew us but we weren't 100%
sure it was him. At first we thought so then he asked if we were from "the kingdom" so we were thinking oh shoot it's not him and we were like "no we are from the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!" And he goes "oh I go there!!" So then we knew it was him. Now, we talk to him every Sunday he is there so idk how he doesn't remember us haha Then a few doors later we found this super awesome kid named Kevin. We talked to him a lot about the church and he asked if we had a Book of Mormon..which we had just ran out of haha so we said Ya in the car. So we went back to the car and got it for him and when we came back to his door he had so many good questions that we answered for him. Then I told him I wanted to share a scripture with him so I opened to Moroni 10:3-5 and it was all marked and he was like "wow thank you for marking it for me!" And I tried really hard not to laugh as I said "no problem!" Haha the funny thing is we have no idea who marked it because it wasn't either of us. It just happened to be like that. That
kid also asked me if I was from England..I get that a lot here. So many people tell me I have an accent. ....Later that night we found out we aren't allowed to tract that apartment complex. Oops. That happens daily. We are hardly allowed to tract anywhere here. It's lame.

Yesterday I went on a split with sister Amorim from Sao Paulo Brazil! She is super cool and she wrote me a little paragraph in Portuguese to send to Sam! She speaks English and Portuguese fluently and doesn't have an accent. She's been going to BYU for a year and a half and her
family just moved to Rio! It was good, but I'm glad to have things back to normal. Splits are fun but stressful at times haha

Remember that song "all times, all things, all places?" The one that we would sing and listen to on the way to church each week. I love that song. If you forgot, these are the words (or look it up on or something like that)....

"It's not in the letter I can't wait to open, it's not in the badge
that will carry His name.
It's not gonna grow in just 3 weeks of study, or magically come when I
get on the plane.
So today I'm becoming who I'm meant to be, the worthy unshakable
witness He needs, At all times, all things, in all places. I will sing
and shout His praises. I will tell the whole world that I know what
His grace is, at all times, in all things, in all places."

Everyday we should be living in such a way that we are becoming better and closer to him. We should make sure the places we go, the people we associate with, and the things we do are always in harmony with the standards we hold. It doesn't come all at once, and it starts within us. So especially for those planning on serving a mission, start preparing now. Even if you have over 2 years (aka hunting). It's never too early to prepare. Right now in a way you are giving 1 day to the Lord and taking 6 days for yourself to do everything else but once you become a missionary you give 6 days and have 1 [part] day for yourself. So plan now so that you are ready for that. And if you aren't planning on serving, we should still live this way. We should still prepare each day to be that witness Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ need us to be.

Mosiah 18:9 says "... and to stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places that ye may be in, even until 

death, that ye may be redeemed of God..."

Never forget who you are and what you stand for :)
I love you all SO much! Have a good week!!


Sister Tanner <3

Snowman we built with the Hsieh's

-3 outside but that's a warm day

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