Saturday, February 21, 2015

People just yell through the door that it's too cold...

February 11, 2015

Hello! How's it going?
First of all, thank you SO much for the Valentine's Day package package! Those socks, gloves, and hand/toe warmers came just in time! I got it Friday :) It's like you knew Walmart ran out of warmers last week, so thank you!! I loved the cards and hearts and treats and all of it! And the hymn book is perfect! I like it with
my name on it so thank you!! And livv, I love the skirt you sent! You're the best!! Love youuuu! Wow I'm just so thankful for all the love. I have the best family ever :)

Wednesday night we were Tracting and hardly anyone answered because it's so cold. People just yell through the door that it's too cold, or they open one door, see us and then close the door haha. Its funny
because we always want to ask them 4 billion questions but they don't want us to ask them any. (Ex:are you religious? Do you have a family? do you know anyone else that is interested? Or anyone who just had a
baby, or a death in the family? Etc)...but let me tell Ya, my outfit was full of fun patterns that definitely did not match. I'll send you a pic. But I had my coat on top so nobody else saw. That's the beauty
of having a big coat.

On Thursday I woke up more sick and just got worse and worse. So Saturday I was told I had to sleep in so I did that but it didn't do much. But Im feeling better now! :)

On Saturday we had a winter carnival with our branch. We invited sooo many people and a lot of people asked us for the address and said they were coming but then it snowed a lot Saturday morning so people backed
out :( but it was so much fun! We only were going to stay an hour but then our branch president asked if we could all stay the whole time. He said it's not a branch carnival without the missionaries. We got to go sledding, roast hot dogs, make s'mores, have hot chocolate, and eat chili. Then we all just played in the snow and hung out and it was so great. I'll send some pics of us sledding and whatnot. At the end sister Quackenbush and I went all the way up to the top of the mountain to where we had to turn a few times by sticking out our hands to turn and we ended up going so fast. We got the award for the best/fastest run down the hill. It was sweeeet. Pictures don't do it justice because you can't see the top of the mountain from the bottom.

On Sunday it was freezing rain and while in a lesson it got bad, so we ended the lesson and left and on the way home we saw a car get stuck on the hill that we needed to go up in order to get home. So we took a short detour and that car backed down the hill and drove away. So other cars were getting up this hill so we went for it too with all the energy our car has...yet it wasn't enough. We were sliding all over the place and sister Quackenbush and I were yelling at the car "come on you can do it! Go go go!" We were trying to go fast so we could get up but it was going sooo slow. So then I was like "sister Quackenbush, say a prayer out loud right now! Go!" So she did and we made it painfully, yet safely up the hill. :) and we are alive today.

Monday it snowed allll dayyy and of course the roads were super bad and we got grounded again. It seems to snow every Monday which is frustrating because there are people we can only see on Mondays due to work schedules and what not and we haven't seen them all cycle! But then yesterday it was super warm! We were shoveling snow at the church and we had to take off our gloves, jackets, and sweaters and we were
sweating. I think I was sweating more than I do at the gym sometimes!(on lazy days of course). It was like 38 degrees so it was awesomee!! I guess you know I am truly a New Yorker when I think 38 degrees is beautiful and hot! :)

Last night we went to visit a less active and after we go there we always smell so bad. She has like 50 animals and smokes and so our clothes and hair and everything just smells so bad. We always make
sure we wear clothes we can wash easily and we go on Tuesday nights before pday so we can wash them quickly. So anyway, we were dying in the car after cuz we smelled so bad so we decided to pull over and
stick our heads out the window to breathe and look at the stars! They were incredible, it was a super super clear night and I could see more stars out there than I ever have anywhere else. We were in the middle of nowhere with no trees or lights or anything around so it was really cool. That is one thing I will really miss about this area.

So mom, do you like my cover photo on facebook with the quote I used for the picture? You should because I got it from you! :) you're the best! A couple weeks ago in a lesson I mentioned that you would tell us that everyday and the recent convert we were teaching loved it so much that the next day at church she told everyone about it haha.

Transfers are next week! As of right now, I am staying but things can change, it's just not likely. So I'll be here until April 1st (or longer). Just a heads up though.

This week I have been studying love, families and family history because that is our monthly focus. Something I thought was really cool is that when I was studying love, I looked up heart and under the verb definition it says that it was first used as a verb in the 1970's because of the I <3 NY advertising. Just another reason why New York is the best I guess. In true to the faith it mentions how the only place that can compare to the temple in sacredness is the home. I absolutely love that. Our homes have to be a place of love and kindness so the Spirit can dwell there. We are SO lucky that we can have our homes be so sacred that we can compare them to the Holy temple. The Lord can be amongst us in our homes if we allow Him. However, we can't be living as slobs, or have our houses smell terrible (that happens a lot here), or be doing things that God doesn't agree with. We have to have a house of order and learning and love. So especially this week since it is Valentine's Day, show some extra love, especially towards family members. Make home a sacred place just like the temple. Go and watch "how do I love thee" [the mormon message] too. It's a good one!

Alright well I love you all so much! Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks again for the love and support. Have a fabulous week! :) ...also, don't forget to take a picture since you will all be together so you can send it to me!! Thanks! I love you!

Sister Tanner <3
playing with the kids at the Branch Winter Carnival

The Branch President made us compete in the sledding competition

Happy Valentines Day!

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