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Hello! This week has been great! We are really picking it up with our teaching and consecration so it's been awesome! On Sunday we only had one hour of church again and nearly died getting home because the roads were so bad. It didn't stop snowing all day. I think it snowed another foot or so.

Let me just start off by saying that today we went to the temple!!!! Yaya which of course means we are in the city right now!! Yay yay yayyyy! Guess how happy I am? VERY! 

Last week on Wednesday night the Primary kids made us pizza! It was so cute. They brought us in handwritten menus they made asking what toppings we wanted and then after our meeting was over we went in and they seated us and then served us and then came and ate with us. It was fun. It's awesome being a missionary because I remember how fun it was to write to missionaries and now I am one.

Thursday we had our big meeting at the temple chapel. It was awesome. There were SO many tender mercies I received that day just telling me that God loves me and is mindful of me. It was probably the most amazing day of my entire mission. It started off with the conference. We ended up having about 5 hours of instruction from the general authorities with a 20 minute break in the middle. And then we had lunch/dinner after. They talked about a lot of things during the meeting and the spirit was so strong. It was absolutely amazing. I wish I could really explain it better, but I can't. So I'm sorry.

We talked about repenting, refreshing and restarting for everything in missionary work. It was a little bit about iPads but not much. We did get two new booklet things that are drafts but we are using them anyway for now.  Elder Evans told us that Elder Ballard says Missionaries and their mission presidents make covenants to serve together in the preexistence. That is why it is so easy to follow them. I love it. He also talked about repentance and how now is the chance to start over and be better. One thing I really like is that he said "one who does wrong may be disappointed in himself. But the Savior is NOT disappointed in ANYONE of them that seeks to REPENT." It's so true.

After our big meeting in the city we came out of the temple and I looked around as my heart ached just a bit. I was SO happy to be there but missed it SO much. It really is my home. As we started crossing the street towards the subway I said a little prayer in my head asking that I would be able to see a family from the ward or at least someone I knew, and i said "in particular the Buckners would be nice" and then Literally about 30 seconds later one of the Buckner kids walked across the sidewalk and it was the most exciting thing ever! His jaw dropped when he saw me and I wanted so badly to hug the kid but of course I didn't (missionary rule).  He's like a little brother to me now. He was excited to see me too especially because he was the only kid not home when I went to tell them bye. Everyone we were with were so confused. They were all like "what just happened? You guys exploded" hahaha it was definitely an Instant answer to my prayer showing me Gods love for me. He knows me and knows what I need. It was perfect. Literally, it made me SO happy.

Later that night we got back to our car where our parking was 3 hours overdue and I was really scared because I would have to pay for the ticket. So I prayed and prayed and we got back, No ticket. It was awesome!

Then on the way home, Megan (she was a new investigator we started teaching two or three weeks ago) called us! It was great because two days after we taught her the restoration she stopped answering her phone and she was never home and pretty much dropped off the face of the earth. So we were bummed because that happens a lot. But she called us and told us that her electricity was out at her house but that it would be back on and she wanted us to come over! So that was awesomeee.

The entire day was just filled with tender mercies that showed how much God loves me. It was an amazing day!

On Friday we had interviews with President Morgan which is always awesome but way too short. We had a long but great training with the APs too, so that was good. and of course we took an interview selfie with President because we always do. After that we went to this new families house to teach them. It's a dad and his two kids, one is 9 and one is 7. They have been taught once in Middletown and were found from a member in Middletown. They are Soo awesome though! I'll tell more about them under Sunday.

Saturday we met with fun lady Beth again. She is hilarious and my comp does so good with her. Sister Quackenbush tells her she speaks false doctrine all the time and I love it, she's becoming a great missionary. We also got to meet with Megan and we set a baptismal Date with her for March 28th! But it will probably have to be pushed back to April 11th but still awesome because she is really feeling the spirit. She has been keeping all her commitments and She told us that she prayed and she really feels like God sent us. Super solid and awesome. I love it.

So back to that new family. The dads name is Justo. We met with them again on Sunday right after sacrament! We taught the restoration and gospel of Jesus Christ which hardly happens all in one but it was so good! We also set a baptism goal with them. Hopefully it'll be March 28th or April 11th! The little girl (Victoria) wants to get baptized sooner and she is so ready and knowledgeable, the little boy (JJ) wants to get baptized as soon as he turns 8 because he prayed and asked God when he should be baptized and God said "whenever he feels like it" haha he is so cute! The dad is just going through a hard time trying to get full custody of the kids right now so he is stressed and I'm not sure if he will be ready then or not. We are praying for it
though! They are just such a great little family.

On Monday we met with that cute kid Jorson that I told you about last week. We talked with him and his mom. So we got to his house and he invited us in (he is 9 by the way) and he sits us down on the couch and says "okay so what's first?" It was adorable. And then he starts asking questions like "who is God?" "What does being Christian mean?" "Who was the first man born on earth?" "Who was the first man born in America?" Just stuff like that haha and then we split and I was talking to his mom since she was just listening and watching from the kitchen and sister Quackenbush was talking to Jorson but pretty much they are from Puerto Rico and are adorable. 
She has a hard time with English but doesn't want the Spanish elders so we will work with her as best we can. We gave them a Book of Mormon in both English and Spanish. I gave Jorson the one from the primary kids since I was waiting for the perfect opportunity, and he loved it. He thought it was so cool that it came from California I'll try and write the primary kids next pday since today was a busy day.

Last night was another ice storm and snow storm so of course, grounded
again. When is winter going to be over? I'm over it! Haha

We had a really good lesson with sister Mccreary yesterday though. She is slowly making small changes in the questions she asks and the phrases she uses so that is awesome. We talked about chastity and temple marriage and she loved it so much.

Anyway, it's been an awesome week. I just wish you could all have these experiences with me so we could talk about them for the rest of our lives.... Haha I LOVE it.

This week I have been thinking about how we are never alone. It's an amazing thing. In D&C 121:9 it says "Thy friends do stand by thee, and they shall hail thee again with warm hearts and friendly hands." And to go along with that there is a quote in the new era that says "Remember that you are never alone. Therefore, do nothing you wouldn’t do in the presence of angels." I just love knowing that as we do our best even when nobody is physically looking, we are always being guided and helped by angels who we will get to meet one day. There are constantly angels watching over us and whether those Angels are our ancestors, friends, strangers, or ancestors of those whom we are to
teach, they want us to do the best we can at all times.

I hope you have a wonderful week! I love you so much!

Sister Tanner <3

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