Thursday, March 19, 2015

We knocked over 100 doors easily...

Hi again! 

This week was pretty good. We had some really good lessons with less actives this week and we're just super bold and straightforward so hopefully they come to church! One of them called and asked for the address because she had never been to this building before so she is at least thinking it through. I know she will come sometime. I could hear it in her voice :) 

To start off, transfers are on April 1st. So two weeks away. And we talked to president today and he said "I'm going to let the cat out of the bag but sister Quackenbush you are getting transferred." Soooo that means I'm staying for another cycle! Yikes. I called that. Unless we are both leaving but that is a 1 in a million shot right now. Guess I need to love it just a little bit more! I thought I was doing so good. This next cycle has Easter, conference, my birthday, and Mother's Day! And I'll be here in good ol' Monticello. 

Well since you asked I'll be honest, I have sad news, the blue towel has not been found. Has Sister Beth looked for it? Honestly, probably not. But even if she did find it, she probably wouldn't tell us. So if you ask me, she totally found it! :) 

Okay so for treats you can send me any kind of nuts, trail mix, Dried fruits, Brookside chocolates like blueberries or pomegranates or açai berries (totally healthy), granola bars, animal crackers(I've been wanting them for months now but I can't bring myself to buy them haha), or just any other snacks like that to eat that isn't alllll sugar. ya know stuff like that :) and I don't mind if you send treats, especially anything with chocolate and peanut butter. I just don't need a huge box of treats. Do I love huge boxes of treats? Yes. Can I eat that much? No. Don't worry about sending me a birthday package, you're good! You send me enough love :)

Last week on Thursday we went to stop by Megan's house because she started avoiding us so we wanted to see what happened. Of course the adversary has just been working super hard on her because she knows this is good. Anyway, we got to her house and we heard the door from the other side and so we just said "kiara?? Is that you?" And she said "ya the door is locked" and so we told her to get her mom and she said "my mom is not here right now." Now kiara (pronounced Kiera by the way) is four years old. So we said "kiara where is your mom. Open the top lock okay?" And she said "my moms not here. Go to the other door. I can unlock that one." So we walked around to the back door of the apartment and she opened the door. We asked her if we could do anything for her or get her anything and she said "no I have some toys left to play with I think" and so we gave her our number and made sure she knew how to call us and what not and we left a note for her mom. Then we went and bought her some goldfish and when we came back the kids playing outside told us that Megan was home...but nobody answered when we knocked and rang and rang :( so sad. We wanted to stay at her apartment with Kiara until Megan got home but we felt that it was a bad idea for some reason so we left and did the best we could. 

Okay so here is a good story for ya! So the kings. Wow have I told you how much I love them? Well on Friday we had yet another great lesson with them. Brother king even asked if they can drive down to the temple trip with us just so he can wait outside. (He isn't going to but that is a huge step for him). Anyway during the lesson we were talking about faith and brother king said that he feels God is already answering his prayers and seeing his desire to be better because they are in the process of getting a new lawyer for sister king and I guess it is possible that she won't have to go to jail! Since the case is 9 years old and she hasn't gotten into any trouble since that DWI she said that they should be able to forget the case. So there is some hope for ya! She did say that whatever happens she is ready for and she will know that if it doesn't go through it will be alright but if it gets waved then they will be able to continue working towards the temple!! Yay yay yay! Then at the end of the lesson brother king walked us out which is a miracle in itself as well. That hour was filled with mixed emotions. I'm super hopeful that she might not have to go, but super stressed because although I know it will be the will of the Lrod, it will kill brother King so much, he will be so sad. In Alma 36:21 it talks about just that. So much stress yet so much happiness and hope.

On Friday we went Tracting and pretty much nobody answered. We knocked over 100 doors easily and talked to like 2 people. But then yesterday the elders ran into a woman who said we left a card on her door and she wants to learn more! So that is awesome! We are going to go meet her this week. Who knows what will come of it but it is exciting and hopeful so that's good for now! :) 

On Saturday we were at sister gaughans house. She is an active member and she is SO loud and  funny. So she was telling us about how she gave a talk in sacrament about Bearing false witness and she was saying how some people liked it and some didn't. So she showed us how some people looked by making this hilarious face of boredom and it was ridiculous because I knew in my head that people were probably so concerned with her talk. She is super awesome but she is crazy funny like I said and she can go on and on sometimes. So as she continued to tell the story of her boring talk I was just laughing and laughing and ended up crying because I was laughing so hard haha oops. 

Sunday we did our car fast again! Yay! I love car fasts. I miss walking Sooo much. So we walked to church and on the way home from church it started snowing a little bit :( it wasn't too bad though, just sad that winter is still here. When will it leave? Probably never. At least that's what it feels like! But it's okay, it's fun :) 

This week I read the talk from last Octobers general conference titled "Stay in the boat and Hold On." I am trying to listen to/read all of them again before conference. In the talk he compared white water rafting to our mortal journey. He talked about how the Lord has provided us with tools to use so that we can stay in the boat. Despite all the tools we have been given (prophets, scriptures, prayer, church, families, etc) there are two reasons why people might get out of the boat. One of the reasons was that when the going gets rough, they jump out and quit. And the other reason is that when the waters are calm and good, they think they can go for a swim rather than follow the rules of the boat, and then a storm comes and they can't get back in. Just as it is important for us to hold on with both hands, we need to hold fast to the iron rod with both hands as well. We need to do all we can to keep going and to rely on the Lord. Sometimes big waves come, and sometimes the water looks nice and we want to go for a swim on a hot day, but in the end, staying in the boat and holding on is so much more worth it. So let's all join together and hold on so that we can all make it to the end together!

I love you all so much! Get a nice tan for me since it's so hot there. I need it. The snow has sucked all the color out of me. Have a fun week! Xoxox 

Sister Tanner <3

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