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Miracles, Miracles, Miracles...

APRIL 29,2015

Alright I'm pretty sure my email gets longer and longer each week but I just don't what to leave out. Too many miracles, too many words to write, not enough time. It was an AMAZING week though. Miracles, miracles, miracles. Sorry! 

We found so many new investigators last week. We just tracked from 6-9 in two different places and miracles happened. Funny story though. Sister Smoot went to ring a doorbell and all the doorbells are on the doors and so when she pushed it, the door opened and then we just freaked out a little and she was like "oh no, what do I do??" So she was about to close it but then someone yelled "who is it!?" So we were like "the missionaries, sorry we opened your door!" And we couldn't help but laugh and so it made it even more awkward..but it turned out to be a really nice lady who is searching for a church right now. Only problem is that the JW's have been teaching her every week, we will see how it goes. We are suppose to go see her tomorrow

I'm not sure why but I was so tired on Thursday. In the middle of weekly planning I just knocked out dead asleep. We were talking about what to teach one of the recent converts and that was the end of it. I was out! But only for like 5 minutes then I got up and ate some sugar and drank some water haha. 
While tracting we knocked on this door and an older man answered and we started explaining how we had a video about Jesus Christ to show him and then some other guy from around the corner was like "no, we don't want to talk about Jesus in this house. You can leave" then he came around the corner to the door and he was like "ohhhhh, they are preettyy. Okay I wanna hear about Jesus." And then he yelled to his friend "hey dude, wanna hear about Jesus? They are pretty!" So it was super awkward. So we start showing the video and in the middle he turns to us and says "I believe in God, look!" And then he took off his shirt and showed us his tattoo on his back that said "only God can judge me." Oh man it was something. We were afraid he was going to try to kiss us. Interestingly enough, even though he won't be coming to church, the older man that first answered had been wondering what church was ours and said he wanted to come and he was legitimately interested. 
Later, we had a lesson with sister Mccreary and explained things a little more. She didn't fully understand the priesthood authority. But don't worry, now she does. We had a smack down lesson with her pretty much. So we changed her baptism date to May 24th.
We met with Mark (the one we tracted into on my birthday last week and pretty much saved his life) and it was SO good! We taught him about the plan of salvation with the Elders. He is a big body guard with tattoos and all tough. Well, He cried. It was awesome haha. At the end he asked if we could meet twice a week, which obviously we would want to but people never ask that. Pretty much he is awesome and he will be baptized. He just kept thanking Sister Smoot and I for knocking on his door at the right time exactly when he needed it. Bringing people the gospel is the best. 

We had a big mission conference for this stake in Newburgh on Saturday. It was for anyone thinking about a mission or preparing for a mission and then of course all the missionaries in the stake. President Morgan was there too. It was really fun. We discussed the inspired teaching pattern cycle and the Spirit so it was really good. Afterward President asked us how Monticello is and we told him it's awesome and we are having a lot of success and working hard and he jokingly laughed and said "ya right, like I believe that coming from you guys!" Haha 
When we got home we were both so tired. I felt super sick. I had bad a migraine and so we took a 15 minute power nap before our lesson. Then we went and taught fun and crazy sister Guaghan and then went tracting even though we really just wanted to take another nap haha. We were able to teach a lesson in Spanish too! It was so incredible how strong the spirit was. Lately we have been teaching quite a few lessons in Spanish but just little things. But this lesson was different. The gift of tongues is real. It was so awesome. 
The real miracle came that night. We looked up this lady named Ashley who told us to come back. At first she didn't seem toooo interested but it ended up being be coolest thing ever. She loved everything we taught, I wish I could explain it all but it would take like 20 paragraphs. Pretty much we taught how to begin teaching, the restoration, half of plan of salvation, and some of the commandments. We cleared up a lot of misconceptions. She asked if we can come twice a week. The little girl made her mom (Ashely) promise that they would go to church. Ashley and her boyfriend are getting married soon too and they know they need to. At the end we talked to him and taught him too and he loved it. They are so awesome. They will get baptized. They are super solid. Ashely also asked her mom to meet with us and her mom agreed so we taught her a little bit and she is going to join next time too. And I guess before we came they were talking about how they needed to find the right church and change and become better. She likes that as missionaries we are just guides to help her learn the truth of our message too. She is so excited about this. After we left we practically ran to the car and then had a moment of excitement. The Spirit was so strong and the lesson flowed so nicely. The lord has been blessing us SO much. It has been so incredible to see. 
We decided we are going to Email president today with some kind choice words telling him he can't make fun of Monticello anymore because it really is the place to be. Miracles are exploding here. I guess Enduring to the end is a real thing. I surprisingly might actually be fine to stay one more here since so many baptism dates are for next cycle! We'll see though!

Sunday we had a broadcasted stake conference from Salt Lake. We had some great speakers- Elder Anderson, Elder Hales, Sister Linda Reeves and Elder Katcher. Barbara came to church and so did Marc and Sister Mccreary and Brother King!! Sister Smoot just sat there with all of them like a big happy family. It was so cool. Sister reeves talked about repentance and baptism. it was perfect for all of them. During the hymns none of them were singing at first but by the closing hymn they were all singing and loving it. After church brother King wanted a blessing so his home teacher gave him one and then Barbara wanted a blessings because she has been having a really hard time so we went into a room with Marc, Barbara, and the elders and she got a blessing. During the blessings Marc started crying and then afterwards Barbara started talking to us about her life and then her and Marc were crying. We all just talked..well mostly listened..for a good half hour or so. Marc and Barbara bonded as they shared stories and experiences and fellowshipped each other haha it was so awesome. I couldn't help but smile after. It was the coolest thing. The spirit was so strong. 

During district meeting we did Tracting roll plays and it was so funny watching elder and sister Hsieh. I'll send you one of the videos we got of it. Pay attention to when they are talking about what day to coming back and then also at the end when elder Hsieh is taking about Gods love. Too funny, they are the best.

We went to the Hsiehs to have ice cream during lunch to celebrate because sister Smoot only has 100 days left and I hit 11 months. Tooooo crazy how fast time flies. Anyway, we did some good Tracting but ended up mostly just teaching little kids at the parks everywhere we tracted, they were pretty much the only people we saw. Nobody seemed to be home. Oh we also taught Michael, the one that is going to try out for American idol. He sang for us so we recorded it haha it was fun. I'll send you one of the videos. He was mad because he "didn't look good" while we were going to record it but oh man he is quite the character. 

This past week I have really felt Gods hand in the work. I have seen more miracles than ever. Each week just keeps getting better and better I can hardly bear it. The Spirit has been so strong as we have been able to speak the words that God puts into our mouths to bring the truth to others. I just can't stop smiling. We have been working harder than ever and it is really paying off. God truly is blessing us because we are trying to do His work His way. I am more exhausted than I have ever been in my entire life. It's incredible though. I know this work is important. I know that I am here in New York for a reason. I know the people in Monticello need me right now. I know God is mindful of me and more importantly of each of his children. He is constantly preparing people for us to teach. He expects us seek out those people and be the best examples to them. We cannot let God down. We have to do His will and give our all. I love it so much. It's weeks like these that make me never want to go home. I always hoped I could teach my friends back home, or bring someone into the gospel but this is the same thing. These people are like family and I love them. This is what I always wanted to do. Serving a mission really has helped me in so many ways. Ways I never could have imagined. I love my Heavenly Father. I love being a missionary. I know this gospel is true. I love all of you. 

I hope you have a fabulous week! Xoxo

Sister Tanner <3
Monticello can be pretty!

This is where I live!  (kidding)

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