Wednesday, April 1, 2015

We had such an awesome week


Happy birthday baby brother!! Good job on getting your license!! Good job finishing the birthday tradition strong :) and happy Easter everyone! Anddd happy April fools day! 

Well I have good news and other news. So I'll start with the good news of course. We had such an awesome week. We taught more lessons than Anyone has ever taught in this area and met some incredible people. And they were all such incredible lessons as well. Mark (the guy we tracted into a week or two ago) came to church and loved it, a less active family is now preparing for the temple, brother King is like family to us. He's doing awesome.

The other news, so my new companion is Sister Smoot. She was just companions with sister Orme, my trainer! Other than that I don't know much about her so it may be an interesting cycle to say the least. Not too much else to say but extra prayers these next 6 weeks will be much appreciated. I'm sure it will be good and fun though! :) ...good news again, I get to skype you at the end of this cycle for mothers daaayy! :)

So for the rest of the week...
On Wednesday night we were having dinner at a members house and she was talking about how all the cities have central schools where it's k-12 and she said "except Monticello because the population of Monticello is HUGE!!" And sister Quackenbush and I busted up laughing haha oops. The population of Monticello is not huge though. 

Thursday was super lame. All our solid appointments cancelled. 5 people cancelled and back up plans cancelled. So we did our best to do look ups and work around it and then we ended up taking a little break and getting frozen yogurt because it was a really rough day haha so that of course made it better! :) 

On Friday We had an awesome day! We did like 3 hours of Tracting and met some really awesome people and then we also got to teach a few recent converts and some less active members. After Tracting we took a 10 minute brain break at a park and it was really fun haha we were the only ones there so we took a bunch of pictures and then left. I'll send you the pictures :) pretty much it was our most successful day of the entire 3 months though. It was awesome. One thing prescient Morgan says is "there are a lot of good finding efforts but there is no better way to prove to Heavenly Father that you want to work hard, be obedient, and increase your teaching pool than through tracting." I know that's true. It makes you feel great too. Even though 98% of the people don't answer or yell at you, the other 2% are awesome. 

At night we went to see brother King with the hsiehs. The night before we called him since he had to drop off sister King at the jail that morning and the poor man was a wreck. It was soo sad. He just talked to us for like 15 mins and we hardly understood anything but we could tell he was frustrated and overwhelmed. So we decided to bring him some pizza! He was really grateful for it. It was so good to sit down and talk with him and help him feel the spirit. He was really grateful we could go over and asked if we can keep coming every week. Sadly we will have to pass him to the elders but hopefully he will start coming to church. We are still calling him every week because we did when she was home and he is really understanding the book or Mormon again and so it has been so awesome just to see him change so much. 

We went on a split on Saturday. We first had a big stake relief society birthday party brunch so that was fun. Then we went to this ladies house who just had a big surgery to do service. We had to help her make dinner, walk the dog, feed the deer and birds, teach her, read the Book of Mormon with her and then we had to just sit with her for like 30 minutes until the next people came to be with her. It was weird but really fun haha

I hope you guys watched the general women's Conference because it was so good! I know that "God gave us families to help us become what he wants us to be," but I also know that our families are given to us to help us be happy. I love sharing the knowledge we have that the gospel helps to strengthen families no matter what challenges they may of had in the past. I'm so grateful for all of you who have helped me so much, I know I have the best family ever! :) 

On Sunday we went to a less actives house who was at church that day and showed her and her 4 granddaughters the because He Lives video. Afterwards she was bawling and she goes "there's not a dry eye in the room" and nobody else was crying but her so her granddaughters were just like "grandma you're crazy" haha 

On Monday I gave the designated driver spot to sister Quackenbush for the last three days so I could breathe for like 5 minutes. It was glorious. I just got to sit back, relax, and sing along. I felt so free and it was soo much less stressful. Rather than me stressin at tiwi she got to. It was nice. But now I'm back to driving cuz my comp can't. But now I am back to driving again until my comp can...but I don't think she can. So hopefully my license comes in the mail soon or else we are going to be carless. 

Yesterday we got to teach Mark (tracted into him) which was SO awesome and he is going go get BAPTIZED. But we have to give him to the elders now for real since he is a man. Turns out, he does live here, he was just at his dad's when we met him, and he works in the city like everyone else. But he is so solid and said this is what he is looking for and he isn't sure why yet but he knows it's good and right. He loved church and will be there for conference. We taught the restoration and invited him to be baptized because the Spirit prompted us to and he accepted so pretty much it was an awesome lesson. It was cool because he lives on hope street and all week sister Quackenbush and I have been working on hope. Coincidence? I think not. 

This week I have really been focusing on love and mercy. Especially since transfer calls came and Easter is approaching, God is so merciful to us because He loves us so much. Christ chose to give His life for us because He loves us and wants us to return to him. We can each be more merciful as well. It is really easy to accept negative things about others, or think we are better than others, but when we are filled with mercy we rid ourselves of pride, judgements, envy, conceit, etc.. We have to be compassionate, loving, grateful, positive, kind, etc.. We cannot let ourselves judge others or accept negative things. Being positive and having a good attitude about things has made a huge impact on me throughout my mission. I know that as we exercise faith in God and repent, He will help us and forgive us and provide us with the love we need to press forward especially during the hard times. 

I love you all so much!! Have a good week! Don't forget to watch conference!! Happy Easter And Happy April fools day! Xoxox 

Sister Tanner <3

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