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When you really gotta GO!

SEPTEMBER 16, 2015
Hello hello! First off, Happy birthday David! I Hope you had a great day! Also, happy birthday Carmen and Aunt Kera! 
This week has been good! It was getting so chilly. When we go running in the morning I can see my breath and I have to wear long sleeves. On Monday night a member fed us broccoli cheese soup in a bread bowl and pumpkin brownies and i was in heaven! It is officially pumpkin season again!! I am so excited :) 

Today is TRANSFERS! But I am staying here with sister Standage! I'm thinking I will leave for my last cycle, but who knows! I'd be happy either way :) it's super crazy that I only have two transfer cycles left! Time is flying a little too quickly. But it's all good!  

Last Pday was probably the most stressful day of my entire life. Okay so we didn't find anything while shopping. But it made us run out of time for emailing. So we quickly shopped and then rushed to email. We were up at the new town chapel which is kinda far from where we normally are. We were only there with the Hermanas because everyone else had left to go change because they were having a dart war. So On the way out we accidentally grabbed the Hermanas phone and no other missionaries were there for us to call to tell them. We didn't notice until we were 30 minutes away too. And we ended up being 15 minutes late to our dinner appointment. It was stressful because we had a lesson with Kimberly right after and so we were already going to try and make the appointment short. Well That dinner work out, so we were late to Kimberly too. And throughout this whole thing, tiwi yelled at me like 700 times. Luckily, Kimberly's lesson turned out to be really good. Two of The Portuguese elders came too since they first found her. We had brought her her favorite candy with a birthday card the day before too and she said that was all she got for her birthday so far because she was going to celebrate on the weekend. She's awesome though. She is 14.

We finally got to have a lesson with Jenn!!! It's been like 2 weeks since we have met with her in person I think. Well turns out, she found a bunch of anti stuff online and got scared. And she asked her friend about it (who isn't a good influence on her) and so of course they both decided maybe it was true. So we talked her through it and helped her answer her own concerns by taking about all the time she has felt the spirit and how she was blessed as she was coming to church and all that good stuff. It was an intense lesson but so so good. It is just so cool to see the atonement work so deeply within her. She realized that the anti stuff was dumb and she's back on track now. We reset her baptismal date for October 17th so we feel excited for that day because she really needs a little extra time to be able to fully commit and understand. It will be awesome! 
Oh later on when we were Tracting we met this man that told us that he didn't need a God because he has his girlfriend now. And he said he needed God before because she left him but since she came back, he is good now. Weird. Haha so sad though! We wanted to give him a family proclamation pamphlet because that would have been awesome. Oh well, next time :) 

I went on a split with Sister Jones! It was super awesome. I got to be In New York again for 9/11. It just brings a whole new meaning. People really honor the day and so Tracting was incredible. We tracted a ton and met with a couple less actives and Investigators of theirs. 
We also got Icecream from a place called the blue pig. I didn't really want to go but sister jones really really wanted it and so I wanted her to be happy! 
Oh it was cool. I really had to go to the bathroom, but I didn't want to stop Tracting because it would take 25 minutes out of the day to drive to the church and back so I prayed to find someone that would let us use their restroom. Well the very last lady we knocked let us in and we talked to her and then at the end she was like "well I know you are out and about so would you like to use the restroom and have a drink of water?" God answers prayers! It was perfect.
After we unsplit we went to the Wells for dinner again. I just love them. They are like family :) 

We had another awesome lesson with Jenn! It was about the 10 commandments. For "thou shalt not kill" she said "I Only kill cereal..." And since we are just awkward missionaries, we didn't get it at first. It took us a couple minutes to realize she was meaning she's a serial killer. Don't worry, she isn't actually! But ya, she is coming back! 

It was really peaceful and awesome. We had a really good Sabbath day. Jenn came to church so that was good. And lots of less actives as well. We did lots of tracting and went to the Hippens for dinner with the Portuguese Elders again so it was good! We had toco soup :) mom, it tasted like home and reminded me of All those times you made taco soup for me and my friends for lunch every Wednesday! I am loving this soup weather :) 

So we did lookups like allll day after our last district meeting as a district (2 of the elders are leaving) and it was pretty successfully unsuccessful. Haha we got a lot of new info and were able to clean up our area book a lot but we didn't get to teach anyone really. Except there was one little miracle we saw! 
So there is this person named Ariel that is a media referral and we looked him up last week and so we weren't going to look him up again yet but we ended up passing by his house so we decided to just stop by. Well last time we weren't able to get into the door that leads to where his door is, but this time it was unlocked. So we were able to go up and knock on his door and he ended up being there. Turns out, he requested us to come when he was in Utah with some coworkers. A bunch of the people he works with right now are members and he sees how happy they are and so he wanted to learn more. We talked for a little while on his doorstep and it all went really well. He was super attentive and even though like 5 phones rang, he said he wanted to ignore them and listen more to what we said. It was super comfortable and not awkward and he wants to come to church and learn more! So that's cool! Except he is moving to Maryland soon to be closer to his girlfriend so that's sad, but hey, he needs the gospel before he goes too! It was such a miracle that God guided us to him at the perfect time.
For dinner we ate with the Mays, they are a super cute, awesome family with 4 little kids and they feed us all the time now. That's when we had the broccoli cheese bread bowls and pumpkin brownies. And then as we were finishing up, the dad was telling us a story about his mission and we looked outside and saw one of the Portuguese companionships tracting. So brother may ran out and invited them in for dinner. It was so fun because they were so happy because they never get fed in their branch. 

We got to see Jenn in the morning and teach her about tithing and fasting so that was good. Then we did some service for a less active. It was probably the most pointless service ever but hey, it helped her! We hung up like 6 pictures on the wall... Haha 
After lunch we tracted and did potential investigator lookups the rest of the day. So like from 2-7 with dinner in between. We talked to approximately 10 people and 0 of those people were interested. It was really hard. It was good to clean up our area book more. (Elder Arnold of the 70 is coming next month and has asked to have interviews with some of the missionaries and he wants to see our area books and all that stuff and so president has asked that all our area books look good and up to date so we have been focusing on it a lot). 

Yep today is transfers. That's about all I got for today! 

I was reading in Helaman this week and as I was reading the institute manual and there was this awesome quote....
“Perhaps of all the evidence of true conversion and a remission of sins, this is the most significant: the disposition to do evil no more, but to do good continually. …
We can strengthen our disposition to do good each time we make and keep covenants. Each time we participate in priesthood ordinances, the powers from on high reach downward and draw us nearer to the heavens. Those who partake of the sacrament and temple ordinances with pure hearts and who faithfully keep their covenants require no lengthy instructions regarding modest dress, the payment of generous fast offerings and tithing, observance of the Word of Wisdom, or keeping the Sabbath day holy. They need no stern reminders to share the gospel with others, to attend the temple frequently, to conduct family history research, or to do their home teaching or visiting teaching. Nor do they need nudges to visit the sick and to serve those in need.
These are the faithful Saints of the Most High who keep the sacred covenants they have made in the house of the Lord, ‘having a determination to serve him to the end, and truly manifest by their works that they have received the Spirit of Christ unto the remission of their sins’ (D&C 20:37). Covenant keepers … live the law of consecration. Their time, talents, and financial resources all belong to the Lord.
Keeping their covenants has caused them to develop a disposition to do good continually” (“A Disposition to Do Good Continually,” Ensign, Aug. 2001, 14, 19).

I love that! Can't we all just have a desire to keep our covenants and do good continually? We need to truly make, renew and keep our convents with a pure heart and continually put forth all we've got. This is important stuff. It's been so awesome to see less actives that come back with full force. All they want to do is follow all the commandments, share the gospel with everyone, go to the temple every week, give all they have and just consecrate all their time and talents. I feel so blessed to witness The Spirit work through so many people. I love this work :)

I hope you have a fabulous week! I love you so much! Thanks again for the package and love! Xoxox 


Sister Tanner <3

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