Thursday, September 11, 2014

I felt like a proud mother

Hello family!!
This week has been so awesome and crazy and fun!

Let me tell you, the sound of a baptismal font filling up is the best sound in the whole world. But more about that later :)

Something strange that happened this week was when we were on the subway coming home one night all of the sudden it stopped super fast and everyone slid a bit forward and then an announcement came on saying there was an Emergency inspection and that the cops had to help out doing that inspection. Everyone on the train said they had never seen that happen before so it was pretty weird and crazy. After we finally got moving again and got home all the lights were off in our building which was super weird and the cops were outside with their car spotlight thing on the door to the entrance and the door to the entrance was propped open, also weird. So we waited for a bit and looked towards the cops for instruction but since the cops didn't say anything to us we just ran inside up to our apartment and locked the door. Good thing we didn't hear any gun shots that night :)

So birds here are not afraid of people at all. You don't know how many times I almost get hit by them. But the other day when we were walking to the church one pigeon flew right into me and I ducked and dodged it right in time and everyone was laughing. it was so embarrassing but it was better than getting hit in the face by a bird! So that Book of Mormon video thing was made.I don't know if it was put out yet. Sorry but I'm not one of the people they interviewed because it was during our baptism and the baptism was more important than being in a video.

Since we couldn't go to fashion week with Ron, He gave us the fashion week party favor things hahah it is this bag with favors like nail polish and fashion week cards and a key to see if It unlocks the box to some super expensive purse. Idk haha oh Ronald! We don't know what to do with him yet.

Okay baptism time..Saturday was a Crazy day. So our bishop decided that he would turn the font on for us cuz he lives in the temple building and we live about 30 minutes away. So he did and when we got there at 11 we found that the font filled up two hours faster than it should have and it was freezing cold. So we drained it and started over so it was warm. So we told the girls to be there at 12. The baptism was at 1. They got there at 12:50. It was the most stressful thing ever, we thought their mom took them away or something so they couldn't get baptized. So the baptism ended up Starting at 1:20 but it was okay because their friend Tiffany came right before the baptism so it worked out perfectly. (Oh side note, Ron was at the baptism and he LOVED it). So on with the baptism. Natasha had to do it twice cuz she slipped a bit and her leg came up but overall it was so cute and wonderful. Their mom and cousin Leah came to the baptism too so that was good and the mom thanked us and said she wanted her kids to pick their own religion and that's why she didn't baptize them when they were born. And then on Sunday for their confirmation we told them to be there before 12:30 and they got there are like 1:10 (church is at 1) so that was stressful again haha but they came so it's okay. And then their mom and cousin Isaiah came to the confirmation on Sunday so that was also good! Since Sunday was fast Sunday there were like 5 people that bore their testimonies and mentioned Sasha and Natasha and how great their baptism was and then Sasha went up and bore her testimony! It was soo awesome. I felt like a proud mother! I bet if I had kids that's what it would feel like.

Life is so good! Each day I love it here more and more. The people here are so awesome. Prayer is so real. God can help us with anything. There is no time for bad days, excuses, or laziness. Each day we have to work our hardest. We have to Give Him our all and be happy.

I hope you all have a good week! Have fun and Be safe in Costa Rica mom and dad! I love you!!

Sister Tanner <3

I feel like a proud mother

Sasha and Natasha ready for baptism

Such a great day!

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