Thursday, September 4, 2014

If I were to die next week, I'd die happy...

Hello again! goodness it seems like pday comes way too fast each week! So today is transfers and both my companion and I are both staying here in Manhattan! This transfer is only 5 weeks though, but I decided I want to stay here for 3 more transfers. Which means I probs won't but I will most likely leave right before thanksgiving. If I were to be here for three more then I would be here for thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. What a dream. The only downside would be no car during the winter. So going upstate would be nice too.

Anyways soooo THIS WEEK SASHA AND NATASHA ARE GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!!!!  On Saturday. At 1. We are SO excited because they are SO excited and SO ready. It's going to be incredible. The church is true. The Spirit is real. I feel like a proud mother. It has been the most incredible thing to see them change so much and become so much better and actually come to know God. I will send you pictures from their baptism next week! It's so awesome. I've waited patiently for this day since I first met Sasha the first day I got into the mission. Ah, I'm just so excited! If I were to die next week, I'd die happy because seeing the change in those girls is so incredible. I love being a missionary. It's the best!

Alright, Last week Ron called us and said that his granddaughter is one of the models for fashion week and he said he could get us tickets if we wanted. We had to explain to him that we aren't able to go and our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ. But we basically got tickets to fashion week. It's fine. We still meet with Ron, just a lot less. It's been hard getting members to come with us lately because everyone is starting school and the other ladies are having their babies haha but we can't meet with men unless another lady is there, even if it's at the church. But he didn't get offended by us telling him that he can't bring us flowers so that's good. He is still trying to do good things like come to church and he is slowly progressing.

We had a sleepover for 3 nights this week because one of the sisters living in my apartment is getting transferred upstate to finish off her mission. So we all put our mattresses in the family room and slept there. It was pretty fun. On the last night we did it we were all laying in bed and then all of the sudden we heard gunshots. It wasn't scary though, we are so safe so it's fine. Don't worry. Just kinda funny.

The girl with the same birthday as me from my BYU ward came in today so I got to talk to her for a little while and that was fun. And Hermana Boud entered the mission field today too and is from San Clemente. I asked her if she know the Harpers-uncle Jim and aunt Robin and she said she does! She said they were her Sunday school teachers  a while back or something like that! I literally only talked to her for like 1 minute but ya that was fun, small world.

I hope you are all doing good on your Book of Mormon reading! This week I loved reading about how much faith Nephi had. In chapter 16 verse 29 it talks about how the Liahona worked according to their faith. That's the same with us. Growing in the gospel and strengthening our faith is so important. Our faith will be stretched and changed. It may be uncomfortable at times and it may be tough but slowly it happens. We stretch our faith and exercise it and become stronger. We can't be afraid to grow. We can't be afraid to change. We have to allow it. We are always changing anyway, but changing for the better is what we need to do. The gospel is change, and it's wonderful.

Alright I gotta go but I love it here. I am literally having the time of my life! It's incredible. The church is true. I love you all so much! Have a good week!

Sister Tanner <3

South Manhattan Zone

Standing in front of one of the many project buildings where I teach

With Sister Boseman  

Sleep over in the family room before transfers

Sister bonding with face treatments

Ice cream at Holy Cream makes transfers easier

  With Sister Vincent -Everyone thinks we are twins and mixes up our names

My district here in South Man

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