Thursday, January 29, 2015

Grounded because of the storm

Hello family!

Let's start off with a nice Bible joke!
QUESTION!! How long did Cain hate his brother?(answer towards the bottom)

This week was weird. I have been soooo sick. On Wednesday I took a 2-hour nap. Thursday, a 3 hour nap, Friday went to bed a little early, Saturday a 3 hour nap. I thought I was going to die! Sunday I got a migraine and went to bed early and then Monday and Tuesday we were grounded because of a storm. So we have been inside like allll weeeek. It's killing us. Haha so nothing too new investigator wise. It's been slow this week. On Sunday our branch mission leader was like "Sister Tanner are you feeling better? You looked terrible on Thursday at correlation!" Haha...But I think I'm almost all better. I just have that fluid in the lungs cough where every once in a while I have to cough to get it out so I can breathe but other than that, I'm feeling great and ready to work hard!

So about this blizzard that you said has been all over your news! On Monday we were told to make sure we had at least a couple gallons of water, food and a flashlight for each of us. We had to be prepared for this huge storm and it was a big possibility that the power would go out. It was all over the news, taped on stores and gas stations and everything. Signs were everywhere about this big winter blizzard.... ....and then it snowed like an inch... it was ridiculous! We were grounded for 2 days because of this storm! And it didn't even do anything! Super lame. Haha so yes, I survived the huge east coast storm.

We made homemade tortillas yesterday and had tacos and then today we made baleadas! The Spanish elders taught me how to make em. And inside we put chorizo with eggs and some queso fresco, salsa, crema and beans. It was delicious :)

Last week I forgot to tell you that church was cancelled because of the bad weather. Well we had sacrament and then the rest was cancelled so that was really different, that's the first time I've ever had church cancelled because of weather. Then this past Sunday sister Quackenbush and I had to go shovel and salt cuz it snowed like 6 inches and the missionaries are in charge of the sidewalks. so even though I was sick, I was so done with not doing anything so we went to shovel. Now one of the elders was even more sick so we told them we could do it and they could stay home especially since we never do it. They normally shovel and we salt. But anyway, we went to the church and started shoveling, then the guy who does the parking lot for the church showed up and was like "here let me just drive on the sidewalk for you with my plow and it will be a lot easier" so he did that and then helped us salt that main sidewalk. So then he left and we kept working on the littler parts. Then this random car that was driving by stopped, backed up and pulled into the parking lot. So the guy gets out but leaves his car on and so I was a bit worried but he just said he had 10 minutes and would love to help. So for 10 minutes he took my shovel and shoveled for us as I talked to him about the gospel and gave him all the info for church. He has a 6 yr old son and lives right by the church and he wants to bring his son. It was definitely SUCH a tender mercy that both those men came and helped shovel snow while I was sick. I am so grateful for them because it saved my health.

So I Lost my name tag at the grocery store last week when I was sick. So we went back to look for it but we couldn't find it. Apparently here in NY people sell them because of the Book of Mormon play so someone probs got rich off of that name tag :( I have been so sad that it's gone. I feel so lost without it. At least I had two so I have one more. Now I'm just waiting for my new one that I ordered to come. I got a new pin already and all that, but still. So lame.

Our zone does this thing called "the haps" (short for the happenings) and it's where we all send in one name and their need to our zone leader and then they put it on a fancy picture thing and then they send it back to everyone in the zone. Then at night we all pray for everyone on the haps list by name. It's really sweet, I'll send you a picture so you understand a bit more.

Since I've been sick and we have been grounded we have spent a lot of time calling people. We keep calling all the less actives and we have been calling potentials and all that. So on Sunday, our area book said we had a new referral named Paula shankledorf. However, that was an old referral who we contacted already. But it popped up as new so we said "alright we will try her again since it came up" so we called answer. We called answer, but we were able to leave a message. Then later that day, she called us back! That never happens. Turns out she was contacted in the past but wasn't ready so she never had any lessons or anything. But she has two kids and sounds
so awesome. She has been through a lot and just got over some addictions but a member is picking them all up and bringing them to church on Sunday and then they are going to come to our winter carnival next week. Hopefully they are amazing and want to get baptized. That's the dream at least. So that was another tender mercy of the week. Super awesome. Pray for Paula!

ANSWER!!  -As long as he was Abel.

So we had our sisters conference this past week. It was soo good! I'm preeetttty sure that every single talk and activity was planned just for me. Haha but really it was great. Afterwards while driving home I was thinking about everything that was said and all we learned and I was feeling really overwhelmed and trying to plan out what I would study first so I can improve and become a better missionary. But as I was thinking about all the things I needed to work on I remembered the scripture ether 12:27. Everyone that attended seminary should know that one. It says "And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." I love that scripture so much because while on my mission I realized that if we are feeling weak then that means we are coming into Christ. And so if we put that faith and confidence in Christ then He will help us to make that weakness strong. I truly believe that. He wants to help us and He is waiting to help us. We just have to be humble enough to recognize our weaknesses first. Sometimes it's rough being a missionary. Being sick makes me miss a loving mom who knows all the right medicines to give. Sometimes I wonder how it is I got here. But when I think about all the good, all the lives we change, the people I've met, the laughs, the smiles, the Spirit, the knowledge I've gained, everything makes it all worth it. I wouldn't trade this time for anything. I am so lucky to serve here in New York, it's my favorite place. I don't know why anyone would ever hate New York City! ;) I really love it :)

I hope you have a good week! Keep being amazing missionaries! Make the elders and sisters love you by giving them people to teach! :) I love
you so much!

Sister Tanner <3

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