Wednesday, January 7, 2015

It's quite a big responsibility...


So this week was good! We really didn't get to do much. We did a whole lot of driving and we were grounded on Saturday. We now have a good amount of snow. It's been super cold this week and it's getting colder. On Tuesday we drove to the city because the sister we are in a trio with had to go to the doctor there. But bishop Nixon is that doctor so I got to see bishop Nixon! It was so awesome. But the best part about that is that I drove in the crazy busy city and we didn't die!! It was awesome!

Anyway, to the good stuff. I am training sister Quackenbush. Yep that's right. She has the coolest name ever. I haven't actually met her yet. We are waiting at transfers for them to all come.

Sister McCreary (our investigating neighbor) is doing so well. We went over to teach her on Friday and she asked if we had another pamphlet and we said no and she just about cried. So next time we will bring her another pamphlet. She totally loves the Book of Mormon. She hasn't admitted it yet but she says it seems true and it makes sense. we cleared up her beliefs about prophets and told her about President Monson and general conference. She asked what president monson talked about and so we gave her a quick version of his talk and she loved it. She came to church on Sunday as well so that was good.

Like I said, We spent most of this past week driving and saying bye to people for Sister Ballou so it was a really busy week, just not much to say. Sister Ballou has been pretty sad. It was funny cuz when we said bye to people she would cry and they would say "most people are excited to leave this area! You are different!" Haha..she is going to Harlem so that's cool!

I'm excited to be able to learn from sister Quackenbush and to help her as she begins her mission here. We went to a train the trainers meeting (which I saw sister smith and sister brown at because they had a different meeting there after and that was soo good to see them. They ran and hugged me for like a good 3 minutes. It was awesome. I love them.) Anyway, the meeting was really intense. It made me really overwhelmed but president said if we didn't feel overwhelmed then we weren't listening so that's good. He talked to us about how a missionaries trainer sets the tone for the rest of that missionaries life. Intense right? But it's so true. How the mission starts sets that expectation for the rest of the mission and the mission is the MTC for our lives. It's quite a big responsibility when you look at it like that. But like I said, I'm excited. I'm ready to learn a lot and have a good time!

How are your New Years resolutions coming? Work hard on them! Tape them on your mirror or something and read them everyday! Each day is a new day. It's the start of a new year. Forgive and forget. Move on. Work a little harder. Be a little better. and watch the Mormon message
"New Years: look not behind thee" or something like that! It's really good!

I love you all so much! Have a good week! Xoxo

Sister Tanner <3

My District before todays transfer

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