Wednesday, January 21, 2015

He caught me by surprise...


How are you all doing? Thanks for all the love and support!

This past week was pretty different than the rest. I wasn't going to share this but it is awesome and shows that this isn't all sunshine and smiles. So To be completely honest, On Saturday and Sunday we had really rough days. Then Sunday night the ZLs (zone leaders) called us "to see how we were doing" and the STLs (Sister Training Leaders)and our DL(district leader) and It really hasn't been all that great but we were fine. But the weekend was rough and Sister Quackenbush and I
were not working together too well. It's really hard because one thing she struggles with is pride and so it's been hard for me to find the balance of letting her make the decisions for everything like she is supposed to because she is new and not fueling her fire of pride. (President told me that I really need to work on that with her ). And little things kept happening that she was opposed to and would not do, but we were asked  from our leaders to do them, so it was a little frustrating. (Like role plays and such). So Sunday night I just prayed and prayed and prayed so hard just to love her more and that we would be able to work together to get new investigators and what not. So then we had a mini comp inventory and each said one thing we could each work on and when I told her about following our leaders she got so mad and made
excuses. then we went to bed. So I just prayed again and was practically in tears with how hard and frustrating it was. Because when there is contention, the Spirit leaves. And when the Spirit isn't present, we are commanded that we cannot teach. And I really wanted to teach and have a good week so that we could be really focused on the work. But then the next morning she apologized for getting mad and making excuses and we had the best day ever. We taught tons of lessons and planted tons of seeds and got good info about less actives and found some good potential investigators and Ya it was just amazing! God blessed us so much. And At night we made a delicious meal together and now it's all good! :)
I know God answered my prayers. I know he sent everyone to check up on us and pray for us because we needed it at that time. I know he helped us to work together and get work done like we wanted to do. I really feel like that trial had to happen so that we could get through it and work together in the best way. So I am thankful I was able to turn to the Lord for help and He was able to answer my prayer.

On a brighter note, I got another letter from the HB stake presidency (Ya my name is still spelled wrong but oh well!) and it was about thanksgiving so that came a little late haha..I also got a letter from the Eynons that had Christmas messages from the ward and it was stamped for December 20th so it must have gotten lost in the mail or something, Im not sure, but that was nice to get! :)

We taught sister McCreary this past week and it went really well, on Wednesday we talked about the Word of Wisdom and she gladly accepted that. She told us she believes Joseph Smith was a prophet and she believes that prophets can receive revelation from God. But she was still confused. So we had a whole lesson pretty much talking about her concerns and what not and the Hsiehs were there which was so helpful because they are converts themselves. The Spirit was SO strong in that
lesson it was amazing!

On Saturday we took Elder and Sister Hsieh to a lesson with us and then took them to look up some lesson actives and potential investigators. At one point we weren't sure the number on the house and since I was driving I asked sister Quackenbush to run and look at it really quick but she wouldn't do it so I said okay fine I will, so
I just parked the car and got out and walked over to look at the address on the door. Elder Hsieh came with me too. Before you know it, Elder Hsieh and I were knocking on the door and tracting together while sister Hsieh and sister Quackenbush watched us from the car. We were still in sight and sound...just not both at the door. Oops, haha but it was fun.

I'm starting to get sick so I have been taking vitamins and medicine and resting today for pday and what not. Because we all know what happens when I get sick. I'm just praying it's not bronchitis or pneumonia or anything again. But I have been taking vitamin c everyday so I am disappointed that didn't help me.

Anyway, So last week on Friday we went down to Scarsdale for the new missionary meeting and it was so good! I loved hearing from president Morgan and the APs and relearning what they taught me in the past as well as learning new things. I was able to understand so much more of it so I could definitely see how far I have come already. One thing president Morgan talked about was goals and gratitude. He mentioned sister Bolton and how she set a goal to teach 50 lessons and then taught 48 or something and I just kinda shook my head to myself because I have heard that story just about 60 times and he always tells us numbers don't matter. And then He talked about how effort is emotional and work is physical. After making the point that when we put forth all our effort, works, faith, and desires, then we need to
be grateful for the results. For example if we pray for 4 new investigators and we get 2 then we need to spend zero time being upset about the two we didn't get and just be thankful and happy for the 2 we got. Then he caught me by surprise and called on me and asked me to stand up. He then said "Sister Tanner, I know you have had experience with setting high goals, tell us about it." And I was a little taken back at first and then I remembered that one time in my weekly email to him a few months ago I told him about our goal of teaching 50 lessons a week (to put that into perspective, this past transfer president told us the average number of lessons a week is 9). So I just talked about how when we set high goals and give it our all then
we learn how much we can actually do and how hard we can work and it helps set the tone for the rest of our goals for every other week and even though numbers don't matter at all, it helps to motivate me to work as hard as I possibly can ..stuff like that. I just answered the question pretty much. And then he asked me to share what our goal was and what we actually taught. So I told everyone that it was 50 and we
taught 30 something lessons. And then president was like "and you told me what you thought about that. Tell everyone" so I just talked about how I really like setting high goals because it pushes us to do better and how I was thankful we were able to teach over 30 and how it has changed my mindset on how many lesson we can teach when we have faith but the numbers didn't matter because nowhere in PMG (Preach my Gospel) does it mention any numbers. They are just there for motivation....then finally I was able to sit down and sink into my chair in slight embarrassment haha

But then I started thinking about that. What a great lesson. I learned once again how president Morgan knows each of us. From that, I learned that he really reads and remembers each email we send him. He loves us individually and knows our needs and concerns and strengths and weaknesses and I love that. I am so grateful for him because it has taught me more about my savior. If a mission president has 250+ missionaries and remembers each one, then imagine our Heavenly Father's love for each of us. Although He has so many children, I have no doubt in my mind that He knows each of us personally individually. He wants us to be happy and he is mindful of us. He remembers our prayers and he answers our prayers. He is thankful for our good works and our efforts. I am so grateful for a
Heavenly Father that loves me :)

I love you all so much. Keep up the good missionary work! I love love loveee hearing about your missionary experiences! Have a good week!

Sister Tanner <3

This is Sariah Mulholland.  She is six and we are best friends.  I love her!

Mulholland girls danced for us!

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