Saturday, July 26, 2014

For every 100 people we talk to, someone WILL get baptized in Mexico!

Dear Family, (I consider everyone reading this family)

How's it going family? It sounds like you guys had a fun week for the most part! Lots of stuff happening, that's awesome :)

Just a few random little stories about the week for ya...

So like since the air conditions here are things you put in the window when you open it then it makes it really easy to hear everything outside. So During my morning studies last week There was a lady yelling "Excuse me, God? Hello, God! Excuse me?!?" At first I was thinking, oh my how many times is she gonna yell that. But then I decided it was good that she was trying to learn how to talk to God. I really wanted to go out and tell her that God can hear her even when she prays in her head so she didn't need to yell.
 Friday was a hard day because we didn't teach anyone. Everyone cancelled! Back up plans cancelled!
Nobody answered their phones! Nobody answered their doors! Nobody would talk to us! We decided not to let that get us down! We ended up just walking around and smiling at people and asking how they are or saying hello to people just so we could get our name tags out there. However, Most people stare at the name tag but won't look at us. But I'm so grateful for days like those because they make the good days amazing.
So Then on Saturday after studies we got a call asking us to teach relief society because the lady at was suppose to teach ended up not being able to so of course we said yes. So we decided we would work on
that for a little bit and make a good lunch as a reward. So we made coconut rice and BBQ teriyaki chicken and it was so yummy we probably ate way to much!  Then we continued preparing our lesson a bit and headed to teach a Russian lady. On the way we stopped and got a Nutella, strawberry and banana crepe to eat as we were walking because we do "Sweet Saturdays" and so it was our only chance to get something sweet, plus they're delicious!  Then we got to the Russian woman's house, superrr full and sweating because of the heat, Only to find that the elevator was broken and she lives on the 23rd floor. Oh and it's in a project building and there is no air conditioning and it doesn't smell the nicest. But we walked. ALL THE WAY UP! (which we felt was a blessing because we ate too much and needed to work it off). But, when we got there, she fed us more! And she said it's "illegal" to leave food on your plate. And she dished us up. So we ate..and ate..and ate.. And then she sent us home with apples and apple juice. Oh and 2 hours later we had a dinner appointment and they brought us out to dinner and ordered us like 50 appetizers and each a meal. It was a grilled cheese place with like fancy grilled cheeses. I think Sam would like it haha but anyway, I swear I gained 5000 pounds that day.

Right after the Russian woman's house, At our lesson with Ron (I think I mentioned him last week) we were finding a spot to sit outside and he said "oh I see you have juice for us to drink so let's sit at a table" I was like "yeeeeaaaa..I did bring juice!" And just went with it haha awkward. But our lesson ended up going really well with Ron. We've only taught him twice now though. He is really open to knew ideas and loves everything we have taught him. He even said he wants to get baptized. We taught him about the celestial kingdom and he was
so excited and then we mentioned how you have to be baptized to go there and he got really serious and said "I've never been baptized. I would remember it. I can be baptized at your church right?" except he just needs to start coming to church and then he will be golden. He goes to his own church and loves it but he said he loves the Book of Mormon and believes it so we need to clarify some things Saturday when we meet with him again.

So ya The work is going well. It's pretty hard here compared to places like Mexico where everyone gets baptized but that's how I like it :) we just continue to work hard and say that for every 100 people we talk to, someone WILL get baptized in Mexico. At first I thought we were just lame missionaries that couldn't get anyone to teach, but then my comp said that we have been teaching more lessons than she ever has so that made me feel better haha apparently my desire to teach everybody is just a little too strong so maybe I should think about being more realistic. There are a lot of people that need help here but are so closed off to everyone but it's okay because we still find some that are willing to listen and that's all we need. I still love everyone here even all the crazy people and people that tell us to never come back again, it makes for an exciting mission :) it wouldn't be any fun if everyone said yes! That's too EASY. ( Jk) that would be great! but that's okay.

Today is the start of the second transfer and tons of missionaries just finished their missions so that was sad. 5 missionaries in my zone left and I got to know 3 of them really well so I'll miss them. But at our last district meeting of the transfer our district all went around and "spotlighted" each person and we all said something we
loved and learned about that person. It was really cool to think about how each member of our district impacted me and helped me in some specific way. Then hearing what everyone said about me was so awesome
as well and really helped me to see that I actually am progressing and learning a lot! :) at the end of each transfer meeting we sing hymn 293-"each life that touches ours for good" and all the missionaries leaving were so sad and a bunch of people were crying. It's really cool singing that together though.

Yesterday, I was studying the Christ like attribute "patience". I read from Mosiah 28 since I love that chapter and I also read in Alma where the sons of Mosiah continue to try to teach the Lamanites. It got to a point where they were depressed and were going to turn and go back home. But then The Lord told them to be patient and continue on. I love that. Patience is needed in everything we do. Whether it's patience with someone or something or ourselves, patience is always something we can work on. Faith is also tied to patience. We need to
have faith and patience in the Lords timing for everything and know that He knows each of our plans better than us. We have no need to get angry, stressed, upset, or agitated. Patience tied with faith can help to cure these negative feelings and thoughts we have. It just takes time.

Alright well I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week! I love you all so much. Thanks for the prayers and love!

Sister Tanner <3

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