Wednesday, July 2, 2014

"My zone did a big chalk drawing and it was so cool!"

Hey family!! 
How are you?? Life is good here in manhattan! The past few days I have just been SO happy and more alert rather than half asleep all the time haha. I know it is because I am doing the Lords work and so he is giving me the strength I need to be awake and alert throughout the day so I can recognize and act upon the Spirit. So it's been good!

Thanks for the input back from last week when I asked about being a real missionary! :) that was awesome. This week in our district meeting we had this object lesson and the ultimate result of it showed that missionary work is practically nothing without the members. We really do need members help and I know it's stressed so much and people get annoyed but it's true. So share the gospel with your friends! Invite them to talk to the missionaries and the missionaries will love you forever. 

We had our new missionary training meeting this past week up in Scarsdale and president Morgan talked about being a missionary 100% of the time and one thing he said was to lock in the truth and lock out the world. I feel like we can all do that in one form or another because of how the world is now. Some things in the world we need to keep our hearts away from and not even go near because as we do, we draw further away from God. We also talked about our mission motto or whatever which is "loyal to the core" which at first I was blonde and just thought it was cuz New York is the big apple and the picture symbol is In an apple Haha..but we talked about how the Savior is the core. We should always be loyal and true to Him. He should be the center of our lives. CORE stands for courage, obedience, reverence, and effort. All of which are necessary in missionary life as well as being a member missionary so I think loyal to the core is a perfect motto to live by for everyone! :)

So last Friday my zone did a big chalk drawing thing again and it was so cool! It was focused on family history so that we could get the senior couple some people to work with because they are based in the family history center. But anyway, the guy that made one of the Father's Day Mormon message things came and made a video during the chalk drawing and it's on FB. Im not in it cuz I was out talking to people but I got to talk to a ton of people and I even had a few mini lessons right there about the gospel. Since we didn't do it as companionships I knew It was up to me so I couldn't be scared at all. So one guy I talked to started asking me a ton of questions. I got to talk to him for like 15 minutes about the restoration of the gospel and about prophets on the earth today and I was able to share my  testimony with him of the truthfulness of this gospel. The spirit was so strong and before he left he said "wow. I never thought about that. That makes so much sense. Wow. That's awesome."  And so I got him all set up with his area missionaries and ya it was awesome. So anyway, look for that video. There is a girl in it that talks about how she is from Cameroon. I am the one that got her to stop and listen so I was able to talk to her and hear about her ancestors and then I brought her over to write with chalk so that's sweet that she made the video. 
Oh ya And then it shows guys playing soccer, they were next to us and the one without the shirt on asked me what we were doing so I talked to him for a little while about it and he was all excited and then the rest of the day he would randomly yell "siiisssstterrrrr taannnnerrrr!!!" Hahaha 
To watch the video click here!

Getting people excited to search their family history and teach them about the plan of salvation

So for the connections made this week..first we ran into a couple at church. Their last name is Hyde or hide or something. He is from Fallbrook. They Know aunt Colette and Natalie and Carmen and all them but They live in Costa Rica now. So that was funny meeting them here.  And then I met Alyssa kohler(I think that's her name) at church this week that served with Andreas sister in Estonia and was companions with her haha..I only talked to her for like 30 seconds though because they were going into church.

It's been a pretty good week overall though! It's getting superrrr hot. Today it's supposed to be 90 and rainy which means super humid. It pretty much looks like a swim party in our clothes without the pool. Time is starting to really pick up though. I'm glad you are all doing well. You better have fun at Carrie Underwood on the 4th and think of me. 

 I'm glad everyone is having fun at EFY's and sports camps and what not. And I'm sure that's great having your first summer living at the beach! I'm excited for that when I get home.

So we got to meet with two of our progressing investigators Sasha and Natasha a couple times this week. One is 10 and the other is 12 and they are sisters. (The cousin Leah couldn't come this week cuz she lives In Long Island). They have no religious background at all and so we are helping them come to know God and Jesus Christ. They are awesome girls and I'm so excited for them. We just have to get their mom to allow them to get baptized and that will be really hard. But they are supposed to come to church this week so that will be awesome! And their grandma is practically active now. We are tryin to get her to the temple. She has a recommend now so that's good. Now we just have to get her to go.

Alright well we are headed to the Yankee game with everyone now so we don't have any time left but I love you all so much! Have fun this week! 

Sister Tanner <3

 reunited with MTC friends
 Grand Central Station

I love the temple at night!

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