Thursday, July 10, 2014

She took us to the front of the huge line and said "they are with Jesus! No tickets needed for them"


This week was yet another great week of course!

Last Wednesday, on PDay, we all went to the Yankee game and it was really hot, like 12 thousand degrees. But it was still really fun being there with all the missionaries in the mission. There were probably 250 of us. And NO, it wasn't Mormon night. But anyway after the game we went and got some groceries really fast and on the way home it started pouring rain. We were soaked and it wasn't even that far. I could ring out my skirt and my hair and shoes and socks and everything. It was bad!  But also really fun haha. It poured a few more times this past week. It's pretty cool having thunderstorms in the city because the sound is intensified when it bounces off the buildings making the thunder so loud, and there
is always tons of lightning as well.  Umbrellas hardly do a thing so it's pretty fun.

We met with Sasha and Natasha again this week and invited them to be baptized and they are pretty excited so that's sweet. They just have to start coming to church every week but as of this week their mom said they can get baptized so that's really a huge step! It's hard
though because their mom always plans stuff to do on Sundays so we are workin on that. They are so awesome though. I love those girls.

We talked to a guy on Sunday through a translation app. He only spoke Japanese so he pulled out his phone and had us type In what we were saying and we went back and forth for a while using the app so that was sweet! haha

So we had a pretty good Fourth of July! We had a normal day. So we just had to be home at the normal time. But we went to shake shack for lunch because a member gave us a gift card and said we had to have something American haha so we did and it was delicious. We had some interesting experiences tracting. One guy decided it would be a good idea to open the door right when he was in the middle of being "very busy" and he clearly didn't have ANY clothes on. Good thing his lower half was hidden and we just looked at his face. Super awkward though. Hahah but then at night we went on the roof and watched some fireworks
and had some Ice cream so that was fun :

Here is a long story that you can read if you want..if not then just skip to the next paragraph.....So last week my comp and I decided that if we worked really hard and talked to a lot of people then we could go to shake shack on 77th for dessert to use the rest of
our gift card. After working hard we were going to stop but then I was like "well actually let's go to this last person on 81st" so we decided that would be good and went that way. On the way there we found an old lady with a walker on Columbus and 79th. We talked to her for a second and she asked us what street she was on so we told her and she said she lost her sister but she was fine and would find her. So we said good luck and went to talk to the guy on 81st for a little while. Then we came back and the women was only on 78th so she went one block the entire time. (She moved very slowly) So she said she was with her sister on Columbus and there was a group of people that she got lost in. So we started walking with her. We knew something was up and not correct so we were both praying so hard over and over again. She also told us she is from Hungary and that her and her sister were to go back in the morning. She didn't know where they were staying because it was only one night. I asked her if she could look in her purse which was In her walker to see if there was an address or paper but she said the address wasn't there and didn't want to open it. So
we just walked with her hoping for someone to find her. We soon realized she was a bit crazy. She kept saying everything looked familiar. She asked our names a couple times, and as we kept walking it got worse and worse. Luckily we finally got her to allow us to look
inside her walker where we found a sticker with her address where she lives. So we found out she lived on 71st. We had already walked an avenue in the wrong direction with her and avenues are really long. She moved very slowly. And had bad knees. And her teeth kept falling out when she talked, hahah, it was sick! She would say she didn't remember where she met us, she would ask us to look in every single restaurant and store along the way to check for her sister. Since we understood what happened a lot better we would just smile and say "ya she's not in there either. But if we keep going this way then I know we will find her." Then she kept saying she would never forget getting lost and asked us each a few times if we were going to remember that night. after an hour and 15 minutes we finally made it back to her house where we found her sister, daughter, and the daughters son and a cop who were all looking for her. They all started crying and hugging us when we got there. The little boy was even crying. The police officer had to call his boss to call off the search for her and he thanked us and then we left since we were already going to be late getting home. 
Turns out she is a 90 year old lady that has dementia and really got lost from her sister who is older as well. I guess we really weren't supposed to go to Shake Shack. And I know that if we would have went then we never would have walked with that lady and so I'm glad we got
the chance to help her family. But yea, it was a crazy long night but we helped her find her family so it's okay. Now we are gonna try and teach them. We will see how it goes. We haven't been able to catch them when they are home yet though. The Lord definitely makes things happen for a reason and I know we needed to help Eva get home.

Today for pday my comp and I went to the natural history museum withthe 3 ASL elders and  our district leader and his comp. When we were going in, the lady checking our bag asked if we were Christian and so we told her yes and she was like "awesome! Family! Thanks for your hard work" and then we went and got in line to get our tickets and then she came and got us and took us to the front of the huge line and said to the guy taking tickets "they are with Jesus! No tickets needed for them" and then like 45 minutes later she came and found us In the museum and brought us into an exhibit/show for free which was normally
like 30 bucks each. And it was a sweeeet. It had live things too. Like frogs and snakes and fish and stuff.

I recently started the Book of Mormon over even though I was in the middle of it. I decided to take Elder Bednars advice and read the Book of Mormon with a question/specific topic in mind and mark it up and highlight it according to that one thing. So I got one of the blue
books and started over. I'm focusing on the doctrine of Christ. I just started but I already see a huge difference. I spend a lot more time thinking about what I read and applying it. Some of the main themes I have learned pertain to having a positive attitude about everything,
faith, and family. All of which are so important. When you have a good attitude your faith is strengthened. You are able to be more in tune with the spirit and when challenges come they are much easier to take on. I've really seen that this week. As I changed my attitude to
really love everything and everywhere, I have been able to increase my faith and really rely on The Lord. It's been easier to remember that He knows best. I've seen His hand in everything I do. And then family. Lehi talks about how he desires his family to partake of the fruit. I thought about how I definitely want my whole family to be able to return to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ again and so we have to help each other to get there just like Christ, our Brother, wants us to return to live with him and Heavenly Father as well. Christ is trying to help us get back. He came to earth and showed us the way. Now we just have to act upon it everyday. So always remember that and keep that in mind :) the church is true, I love being a missionary :)

Alright well have a good week! I love you all!

Sister Tanner <3

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