Wednesday, July 16, 2014

All we wanted to do was give them free lemonade!

Hey family and friends,

How is it going? You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Especially little Jax and the Wallace family. I love you guys.

     Alright so first, Sasha and Natasha finally came to church on Sunday! And they LOVED it! Except their mom said that after they get baptized they can only come every other week. So we are going to talk to them about that because church is where they need to be every week. That lesson is planned for  tonight so hopefully it goes well!
     Remember how last time I told you we planned to get shakes at “Shake Shack” but it wasn't In the Lords plan for us so we didn't? Well this week The Lord definitely planned for us to get free 7-eleven slurpees on 7-11-14 :)...side note to that though, did you guys get free slurpees? I remember before I left you said there are tons by you now so you were going to go. So I hope you did. Because we even got them twice throughout the day....but anyway, before we left the house I thought "oh i should grab a Spanish Book of Mormon to give to Alberto since we will be In that building later" (a guy we tracted  two days ago that is interested in hearing more, but speaks Spanish so we referred him to the Spanish sisters). So I grabbed the Spanish copy on the way out. Fast forward to after lunch, we decided to get free slurpees cuz it was a block away and so of course we needed to. After getting our slurpees (I got piña colada the first slurpees time and piña colada/mango the second time because I decided it's the closest I'll get to Hawaii.)
     We got on the subway to go to Alberto's building. I sat down on the subway and this lady sat right next to me and I remember looking and thinking "why didn't she leave one seat in between us since the rest of the bench is empty" and then I thought "oh since she is close to me I'm going to pull out my restoration pamphlet and flip through it to a page with an awesome picture or something interesting to non members. So I did. And then right away the lady pointed at it and said something, not sure what cuz I was In shock that "my" plan had worked. Turns out she spoke Spanish. She pointed at my tag and said "ohhh no espanol?" all I could say was "Somos las missionaras de la iglesia de JesuCristo de los santos de los ultimos dias" then I called my comp over and she finish the convo. Buuuuut I got to give her the Spanish Book of Mormon and she was so excited! It was awesome. Yea definitely all that was the Lords plan. Not ours. It was His plan for me to grab that Spanish copy at first. His plan for us to get on that subway in that particular car. His plan for me to flip through that pamphlet. His plan for the day. It was so sweet and that lady is going to get baptized. I know it. Her name is Viviana :) we also got her number to forward on to the Spanish sisters. (Sadly we ran into Alberto afterwards because we were on his floor and he was getting home and we didn't have his Spanish Book of Mormon but that's okay because we know where he lives).
     Yesterday we did an APF(area proselyting activity) here at the church/temple and handed out free  lemonade just to be nice and talk to people who wanted to talk. It went pretty well except it was pouring buckets of rain but that's okay because it was still super hot outside. It was actually really fun. A few times we ran some lemonade out to the cars along the street, like the taxi drivers or truck
drivers haha they loved us. It was interesting to see some people take the long way to avoid us even tho they had to go through a big puddle. All we wanted to do was give them free lemonade! Whatever New Yorkers. Guess they can make their own. Haha
     So this last week we met a guy named Ron. I don't think I told you about him. But we are going to start meeting with him once a week until he lets us meet with him more often. He said he wants to
strengthen his family relationships, be more forgiving, strengthen his relationship with God and he doesn't want to lose his faith. So he asked us to teach him more about what we believe and he asked if we could help him with that. So of course we said yes, because his answer to all those questions really is the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I really wanted to just be like Ron we know just what you need. Get baptized" but of course I didn't. But as we got to know him and had that first mini lesson the spirit was so strong and it was so awesome so I hope something good comes of this. He is going to take a week off from his church and come to ours on Sunday so I'm hoping he really feels the spirit and it's just what he needs :)
     Oh by the way since you were asking, Transfers are next week, but me and my comp should both be staying because I'm still in training. But lots of missionaries are going home this transfer so that will be
interesting. I got lots of letters this week!! First of all, I'm very grateful I  was named after Aunt Colette so thanks mom and dad :) and Thank you for all the love from everyone else that wrote me! I loved getting letters from all the pacific shores relief society too! It was fun getting to know everyone a little bit through a letter :) that is seriously so awesome that the focus is missionary work this month! That should be the focus every single day too! Just being a missionary and focusing on others builds you up individually as well without even realizing it. I definitely feel all the love and prayers so thank you so much!! So we have not been getting fed from the members like at all lately. There was one or two good weeks and the rest we have been fending for ourselves sadly. But that's okay. Everyone is gone for the summer. Seriously everyone! Our ward is always pretty much all visitors so it's hard to get to know everyone. But our sweet bishop is the kindest man ever. We saw him one night and it was like 6:30 and he asked if we had dinner yet and we said no and so he invited us over that night and made us a nice meal and for dessert he made us waffles with ice cream and strawberries and chocolate and everything else you can think of on a Sundae. It was so good. He's the best. He tries to feed us whenever he can now and he tries to get the ward to feed us too. He's a cute grandpa and ya just so awesome.
     There is a lady in our ward that got baptized in March. She has some health conditions, can only have a liquid diet which makes her very skinny. She has a French accent and also has some speaking problems because of her health. She always reminds us of her ADD and says if she gets off topic to just say A.D.D. haha.But she is the cutest lady ever. AND she has an incredible story! She was going to end her life but ended up seeing the family history sign outside the temple and came inside and ended up learning more and getting baptized. Now she is the best missionary and example ever. We recently talked to her about the Liahona because she read It in first Nephi and she absolutely loves saying L i a h o n a (she wants us to name a daughter that haha). But we taught her about patriarchal blessings and the temple this week and the lessons went wonderfully. After the lesson one day she was going to go visit another lady with us who speaks French too. But the lady ended up being too sick to talk so we weren't even able to see her. So Francine was like "let's go to the park!" So we went to the restaurant in Central Park ( Tavern on the Green) that I guess just reopened and looked inside and then we came out and a lady asked us if it was open and Francine was like "ya it's open but do you know who these girls are? They are missionaries!! You should get to know them. They are wonderful ladies!! The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints changed my life. Obedience is key. I went to the LDS Church and it was so wonderful! But God is so wonderful! And the Holy Spirit is so kind to me and is always with me! People are so nice at church and I feel so safe there" and she went on and on and then invited them to church! We were like OH WOW what just happened! Haha then she told us she was going to think of some ways we can find new people to teach and she told us she might call us every once in a while just to say hi.  haha she's adorable! I love her. I learned so much from her. She said that every single time she talks to someone she tells them about God because He changed her life so she thinks they deserve to know about Him.
     It's so true! I think we can all learn from Francine. We can learn to not be afraid of sharing the gospel. We can learn to speak up a little more, and be more determined to share what we know. We can be bold and loving to everyone. At first I was worried to be walking around with her because she talks to everyone so I thought it would be awkward but I was so wrong. She is the best missionary ever. Who are we to be embarrassed to talk about the gospel? Without the gospel we are nothing. It's important to help others come closer to Christ as well. We need more Francine's in this world. She's the best. We can all be like Francine from now on! Little by little we can do it :)

I reread this talk recently because I love it. It's Dieter f Uchtdorf "Grateful in Any Circumstance" Here are some parts I love.....

"Being grateful in our circumstances is an act of faith in God. It requires that we trust God and hope for things we may not see but which are true. By being grateful, we follow the example of our
beloved Savior, who said, “Not my will, but thine, be done.” True gratitude is an expression of hope and testimony. It comes from acknowledging that we do not always understand the trials of life but
trusting that one day we will. When we are grateful to God in our circumstances, we can experience
gentle peace in the midst of tribulation. In grief, we can still lift up our hearts in praise. In pain, we can glory in Christ’s Atonement. In the cold of bitter sorrow, we can experience the closeness and
warmth of heaven’s embrace."
Having an attitude of gratitude really does make a huge difference. Gratitude brings peace and hope. Even though hard times do come, being grateful makes those times seem a bit easier to bear. President Uchtdorf said it perfectly.

Anyway, I love you all so much. Thank you for the prayers and love. I really feel it. Know that I am praying for you as well! Have a wonderful week! <3

Sister Tanner <3

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